Do Nothing Congress


A very interesting story on the serious side things headline AP “Fear of voting grips Senate Democratic Chiefs.” Here is the story “A fear of voting has gripped Democratic leaders in the Senate, slowing the chambers modest productivity this election season to a near halt. With control of the Senate at risk in November, Democrat leaders are going to remarkable lengths to protect endangered Democrats from casting tough votes and denying Republicans any legislative victory in the midst of this campaign.”

The phobia extends to even bipartisan legislation. Legislation that is pending to boost energy efficiency- most people want it. Sports men’s rights – most people want it. It’s being caught up in this great white out that Harry Reid is involved in. It now requires, by the way, a 61 vote super-majority to deal with amendments to spending bills. Remember, Reid ‘nuked’ the so he could get legislation passed with just a simple majority of 51. Maybe the National Review (a far left publication) wrote last week that they believe that the Republicans can get up to 12 Senate seats- all they need are 6 to get a simple majority.

Reid is now bringing back this ruling to slow things down, to prevent Mitch
McConnell from getting an amendment that would help coal producers, prevent any Republican from getting something that is going to be worthwhile, and prevent any tough votes like Keystone XL pipeline, etc. Anything that might put endangered Democrats in hotter water with their constituents than they already are.

In other words the nonproductive Congress, the party of “NO,” the ‘where is their good idea’, all of that now lays squarely on the Senate Democrats. Some Democrats are very unhappy, here’s the Wall Street Journal Friday morning: Mark Begich (D-AK) saying that he’s got legislative amendments and he wants them voted on. Joe Manchin of West Virginia complains to the Hill newspaper: “I’ve never been in a less productive time in my life than I am right now in the United States Senate.”

Let’s discuss the actual figures: John Barrasso Republican from Wyoming, recently noted on the Senate floor that Democrats proposed 676 amendments in the last year to various bills but were allowed votes on only seven of them. Republicans proposed 812 amendments to various pieces of legislation that were pending and got votes on 11 of them. In fact, if you look at Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee on the House of Representatives side, she has been proposed 15 amendments to various pieces of legislation and the vote has been allowed. That’s twice as many amendments in the last year than Harry Reid has allowed his entire Senate caucus to vote on. Not one of the nine Senate Democrats elected
in 2012 has been granted a floor vote on any of their amendments.

do-nothing congress


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