campaign of political correctness

Simon Waxman managing editor of the Boston Review, he writes in the latest edition headline “The US military ongoing slur of Native Americans.” The campaign of political correctness is just not going to fade away and liberals will not rest until they have dictated how you express yourself, and whether or not you can express yourself on any topic. They will call that freedom of speech because it’s all this Brave New World stuff was predicted a long time ago.


Simon Waxman says, that starting, of course with the well-known Washington Redskins naming issue, he goes on to talk about the need to get even deeper into this issue by looking at the United States military. He says “In the United States today, the names Apache, Comanche, Chinook, Lakota, Cheyenne, Kiowa applied not only to Indian tribes but to military helicopters. Add in the Black Hawk named for the leader of the Sauk tribe. Then there’s the Tomahawk a low-altitude missile and a drone name for an Indian chief, Gray Eagle. And the operation. Geronimo was the end of Osama bin Laden.


“Why do we name our battles and weapons after people we have vanquished,” he writes. He answers his own question, “Because the myth of the worthy native adversary is more palatable than the reality. The conquered tribes of this land were not rivals, but victims, cheated and impossibly out gunned. The destruction of the Indians was asymmetric war, compounded by deviousness, in the name of imperialist manifest destiny. White America shot, imprisoned, lied swindled, preached, bought, built and voted its way to domination. Identifying our powerful weapons and victorious campaigns with those we subjugated serves to lighten the burden of our guilt. It confuses violation with a fair fight. It’s worse than denial, it is propaganda.”


Now I love it when liberals reveal how guilty they are to actually being alive. Why am I still here is their conundrum. I think they basically question why they are even alive, much less living in an evil country like this. Mr. Waxman can take some consolation, if it would actually read the actual history of what went on when European civilization encountered the aboriginal civilizations on the American continent. If he did that, he would understand that there have been a variety of outcomes with regard to the clashes between the civilizations. For the most part, the European civilizations conquered the aboriginal tribes that were here because they did have a superior technology, as well as germs with no native immunity, and of course ‘fire water’, alcohol which the native Americans had no experience with and other things that made it easier for the Europeans to eventually win the various wars with the native Americans.


The point is that the heroism, the bravery of the Indian braves (we called them Braves for a reason), the warriors of these tribes, were celebrated and respected by people who were actually out there. The new understanding of the history of our country, the development of our country included some racism against the India, included some triumphalism that European civilization had prevailed and in those days it was thought that was a good thing. We had abolished slavery not only among ourselves, but among the Indians. We had abolished the kind of barbarism that was the eternal war of these tribes against each other before the Europeans got there. There had been tremendous adversity that the civilians who tried to come across the country in those wagon trains in the early days particularly, were constantly at the mercy of being scalped and killed and tortured by the native tribes.

The mentality of liberalism is that we are evil and everyone else is good. We are evil and Simon Waxman has perfectly captured this with trying to attack the military for the continued ‘slur’ on Native Americans when in fact you name a weapons system or a elite team after the Native Americans in whatever way you do it. It is in the mind of traditional Americans, who don’t have a doubt about being on this planet for a reason. It’s a good thing and that America is, for all its faults, not evil and this whole naming thing is a tribute to the heroism and the bravery of the Indians.


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