Overseas Contingency Operations

The president is asking Congress for authority to authorize $500 million to fund US military training and equipment for Syrian opposition fighters. It seems strange that this president, six years into his antiwar presidency, with a campaign based on stopping these wars, still has an overseas contingency operations line item budget in the Pentagon’s budget. The OCO line item is a separate appropriation over and above the Defense Department budget. The OCO request this year by Barack Obama is $65,800,000,000.


We are not spending in Iraq. Spending in Afghanistan is coming to a halt. But he still wants $65,800,000,000 for overseas contingency operation. The war may stop, but somehow the spending for war never stops.


He wants $500 million to fund an opposition to Bashir Assad in Syria, which has now been taken over by a virulent Al Qaeda offshoot called ISIS, which is also invaded neighboring Iraq, threatens neighboring Jordan and has eyes on invading neighboring Lebanon. The want to create the caliphate. I wrote after Benghazi that it looks like that Obama has changed sides in the war on terror, that he was actively arming and supporting the Islamic militias

http://larrythecontrarian.blog.com/2012/12/14/fundamentally-changing-america/ . Sad to see I was right.


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