The Redskins

Now the Patent Office is used like the IRS.

Personally Foul


Now the GOVERNMENT is going to decide if the name of your team is politically correct. The Washington Redskins is trademark name and allows them to defend the sale souvenirs, jerseys, and other marketing items with the Washington Redskins name on it at their own store. They can defend their right to that name. It has been canceled by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, a part of the US Patent and Trademark office. The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has canceled the trademark registration of the Washington Redskins with not one public letter of complaint that was filed with that board. One petition by Amanda Blackhorse and four others against the Redskins was filed, calling the name offensive to American Indians was the beginning of the Board canceling the Washington Redskins trademark registration. No legal basis for this exists, it is the first time.

It isn’t the first time this board has done this. In the George Bush era in 2003, the same appeals board made the same decision, canceling the trademark protection for the Washington Redskins name. At the time the board was overruled on appeal, and the trademark attorney for the Redskins said he doesn’t expect that the outcome to be different this time because there is no legal authority for the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to remove the trademark from the Washington Redskins. because the lightning slowing into court on that one


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