Transparently stupid

The average American by 74% wants Congress to get deeper into the use of the IRS for political purposes. I don’t care what your political affiliation is you ought to be able to subscribe to this common denominator-the IRS should not be political to the extent it has been proven to be political.


Now we have six IRS employees that were involved in the suppression of the anti-Obama groups in the 2012 election cycle. Six of them who “lost” their emails. Ted Cruz on the Senate floor had this to say, “If Attorney General Eric Holder is unwilling to appoint a special prosecutor, if he insists on keeping this prosecution in the control of a major Obama donor then Attorney General Eric Holder should be impeached. Because the rule of law matters more than any partisan political party.”


Who is this major Obama donor Ted Cruz is talking about. Just the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen who donated over $7,000. You can guess that he earns a couple hundred grand a year, so he is not exactly middle class, but even so $7,000 net after tax is a huge donation.

Wolf Blitzer on CNN interviewing IRS Commissioner John Koskinen asked him about this.


“You’ve given money to Democratic causes, Democratic candidates including the President of the United States and so the suggestion is you’re not going to be objective in this kind of investigation. Reassure the American people that you are not going to let your partisanship interfere with this investigation.”   John Koskinen replied,”I’ve never been a partisan operative, a political operative. I was actually asked by the Bush administration to come in and work on Freddie Mac. “ Wolf interrupts, “But you did to contribute to the Obama campaign.”  John Koskinen continues, “I have contributed to campaigns for the last 40 or 50 years, many of them friends. At this point in my career, it is not my intention at all to play games with Congress. My goal is to help restore people’s faith in a critical institution for the country-the IRS.”


Do you get how insidious Obamaisms now are when you’re faced with the obvious. I mean who gives $7,000 to the president and not get accused of having some purpose not fully apparent. He responds by saying “I’ve never been a partisan operative, a political operative.” That is not what he is being accused of, he is being accused of a possible conflict of interest that his $7,000 investment in the success of Barack Hussein Obama might bring him. So the first thing you do is you deflect, “Why I’m not a political operative!”


The second thing “I was even asked by the Bush administration to come and work on Freddie Mac.” See I’m bipartisan. No, you were asked to come in and work on Freddie Mac because you are acceptable to Maxine Waters and Barney Frank. These folks in the mid-2000, who were insisting that we should give mortgages to people who would never be able to pay for them. He was appointed because he was acceptable to the Democrats to try to work out how we weren’t going to bankrupt the system by giving loan money to people to buy homes who could not make the payments. Which of course blew up in our face big time. And he also blamed it on Bush.


John Koskinen said he’s donated to campaigns for 40 or 50 years. On his campaign donation list there are no Republicans on this list. Which is his right to donate to whom he wishes- but if he is heading up an investigation in political tampering with the IRS- isn’t that tilting the table.


Then he says that at this point in his career it’s not his intention to play games with Congress. Then why Mr. Koskinen   ARE YOU playing games.   You’re been playing games with these e-mails since this whole thing started. Suddenly two weeks ago, the very period of time in which this suppression of political dissent went on, losing the IRS e-mail from the key actor Lois Learner has disappeared, and now five others who worked in the same office with the same chain of events. And you’re not playing games with Congress


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