A metaphor for the entire border

A young man by the name of Israel Andrade is an illegal alien who has been deported four times from the United States. Señor Andrade of Mexico, was just arrested by authorities in Parker County, Texas, for the FIFTH time, on suspicion of molesting a nine-year-old girl as she slept in her home. Parker County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a 911 call Saturday, after a woman called to report her daughter had been sexually fondled by a stranger who broke into her home. The nine-year-old victim had been sleeping on the family couch with siblings, told deputies she was awakened by a man who was groping her in her private areas. The girl said the man spoke in broken English, with a heavy Spanish accent, asking her to follow him back to the bedroom where he had broken into the home. Instead she ran screaming into her parents room, while the suspect fled in the opposite direction. The parents tried to call 911, but their cell phones and computer were missing. The mother drove to a nearby convenience store to alert authorities.

Now Israel Andrade is a metaphor for the entire border. People have been deported and deported and deported and deported. And now they’ve broken the law so many times what is wrong with breaking into your house. They then assume that having broken in and nothing happened, they can violate all kinds of other laws too. The gringos don’t think the laws mean anything, because what the heck I was let in for the fifth time, so the laws much not mean much of anything. Not like where I came from, where you can get shot for just smiling the wrong way.

Is that the attitude of everybody who comes to this country- absolutely not. But too many who come to this country have that attitude. To many people, from to many countries such as Mexico, come here with that attitude. They believe the United States is weak, corrupt, degenerate and will not enforce its laws. And for a variety of political reasons, we’ll never kick them out.

I’ve made predictions over the past 2 years (some are still on www.larrythecontrarian.blog.com that I am trying to copied over to my new blog site www.larrythecontrarian.wordpress.com ). Some weeks ago I made the prediction that the Nogales processing center of the “children” that are being held there the border patrol is saying, as I predicted, that MS-13 gang members are using the Nogales processing center as a recruitment hub, and as a transfer point for gang members to get in the United States.

Keep in mind that only in the U.S. are you a child until you are 26 according to ObamaCare . They grow up quicker than that in Central America and Mexico. If you’re not pulling your own weight at age 8 in many of these communities you’re not eating tonight and that is not good. By the time you’re 12 or 13 years old in many of these places in Central America you have become a gang member. We consider you as a child, as a minor to be protected- even though you have MS-13 tattooed across your back and serpents and other things adorning your arms. We welcome these ‘children’ – who have more experiencing handling an AR-15 than the average American. We invite them into the United States. Legions of gang members to prey upon our community. That’s what this is really all about.

And when Jeh Johnson, the head of the Homeland Security Department tries to tell us otherwise, when he tries to tell us that they are being deported –well just listen to a little of what he said in Artesia, New Mexico after a tour of the detention facility. “Our message is clear. If you come to this country illegally into the Rio Grande Valley sector, we intend to send you back consistent with our laws, and we are building additional capability to do that quicker and safely.”

Now I’ve only had 4 semesters of business law classes and that was some time ago but you can recognize the language. Let us examine Mr. Johnson’s statement in all its full legalese: The intent of the sentence is to make you believe that the Obama administration will return the so-called children to their native countries. The reality of the sentence is that is not going to happen.

“Our message is clear, if you come to this country illegally into the Rio Grande Valley sector.” It’s not the rest of the border- that is already overwhelmed so they are subtly saying to go another direction such as AZ, NM or CA. It’s only the Rio Grande Valley sector. So the message is clear to me, if you come across anywhere else then the following doesn’t apply.

“We intend to send you back consistent with our laws.” Okay, ‘We intend’ – we are not going to because we are liberals. The intention is all we need. We don’t have to actually do, it as long as we intend to do it with our best intentions, and if we did do it, it would be done consistent with our laws.

Now, what law is he talking about, what every liberal on every TV program over the weekend has been jumping on- because they think it puts the blame back on George Bush. This law says that if you come from a noncontiguous country to the United States, not Canada or Mexico, then you’re going to be held in detention for a deportation hearing, and if there is too many people in line, we will give you a free pass to leave with your promise that you will come back for your hearing some months from now.

That is not what the law says, and it wasn’t signed by George Bush. But don’t expect the liberals to do their due diligence. But we intend to deport you consistent with our laws- the laws already say we can’t deport you and the intention is all they need to get off with no moral recourse. You have to be aware of how these people are trained to lie.  They’re trained to give you an impression that is 180° away from what they actually mean.

“And we are building additional capability to do that quicker and safely.” Every Democrat privately over the weekend, has been advising Senate candidates and the president and all the leadership the Democratic Party that there is a huge problem here. They don’t need, with the exception maybe of Colorado and Sen. Udall Latino voters to keep the Senate, but if we lose white working people, because were dumping illegal gang members into their community and schools, the Dems are going to lose election. This thing has turned out to be a giant stink bomb that the Democrats have ignited here and the Democrats who are out there trying to get reelected to the Senate are blaming one person and one person only for of this- Barack Hussein Obama.

They will not allow him to even appear with them. Udall was supposed to be at three separate functions last week in Colorado when Obama came into town to play pool and drink beer with the Governor and all that. Udall ducked out of every one of them. This invasion of the United States has finally awakened a sleeping giant of public opinion. This is too much.

There is transparency in the Obama administration. The transparency of using the children, as human shields to erase the border, has now become clear to a majority of American voters. The ordinary Americans in every community now in about 16 states that have seen these mysterious flights coming into town and mysterious guys with gang tattoos suddenly sitting there claiming to be eighteen and going into their high school is finally dawning on people. This is really not what it appears to be.

If you search the web you can find information that most people will not hear. it’s obvious that this whole border thing is designed to pressure Republicans in the House to pass amnesty because the big reward here is not just the 200,000 to 300,000 individuals in the next couple of years coming across the border. The reward still is to legalize one way or another 10 – 13 million people who then will be stout Democrat voters for a very long time and introduce a concept in United States for the first time of a one-party state. That is at the heart of all of this.

Chief Paul Beeson and Sean Moran, local border patrol people in San Diego and Sean is saying in an interview that as soon as the refugees come to San Diego these “ children”, the routine has been that the border patrol attempts to verify where they come from, what country in Central or South America that they have come from. The interrogation on that particular point has now been stopped by the Justice Department, the border patrol officers are now forbidden from actually documenting where these people come from.   Just think how dangerous that is.

If we don’t document their country of origin how do we know where to deport them if we every catch u with them again. How then are you going to deport any of them Jeh Johnson? You said you intend to deport, within, of course, the parameters of our current law -which you interpret to say you cannot deport them. We understand that. So, you’re telling the public we are going to deport people and it is a lie, when you’re actually telling them ,why you’re not going to deport people.

Now this from a retired border patrol agent.   He says, “I heard people blaming George Bush for the law that requires illegal aliens from noncontiguous territory to be held for deportation. That requirement has been in effect since the 1952 Immigration Act. I served in the patrol from 1955 to 1982 on both borders. Illegal aliens from contiguous countries, Mexico and Canada, could be granted ‘ voluntary return’ if they agreed. In other words, if we caught them crossing the border it was okay to walk them back across the border, with no fine, no deportation hearing necessary. If these folks wanted to demand a deportation hearing, if they had a claim for asylum or to be a refugee. But illegal’s from other than contiguous countries would be held anyway for a deportation hearing. That has been in the law since 1952, and has nothing to do with George Bush.

How big a problem is this for say Falfurrias Texas. It is in Brooks county which is 80 miles from the border and has a checkpoint for the US border patrol.


The border patrol agents have apprehended 27,206 illegal aliens since January 1 of this year. In one little Texas town 80 miles from the border- 27,206 illegal aliens in six months.

At a Senate hearing on Wednesday, Health and Human Services Acting Assistant Secretary for the Administration for Children and Families Mark Greenberg said that even if Obama administration officials knew illegal immigrant children were being released to other illegal immigrants, they would consider the “totality of the circumstances” and release the children to them anyway.

Now let’s look at this Rubik’s cube one from another side. There are legal immigrants that come by the hundreds of thousands a year and God bless them, they obey the rules. Some of these folks, who have student visas, they are investors under a treaty and there in the country with the business visa, are applying for H1B visas, that is to say they are able to work and they get granted those visas based on technical expertise like grad students seeking advance University degrees in Engineering, mathematics, Computer Science, Physics. These visas are reserved for those folks on the theory that we need more of them- the reason being is our universities are turning out lawyers, political activists and community organizers.

An immigration attorney who has been representing applicants to be legal immigrants says approximately 2 months ago they began getting extensive RFEs. An RFE is a Request For Evidence on their immigration applications. In short, when an immigrant submits an immigration petition, they provide the requisite documentation to support the visa request. If the documentation is insufficient, such as a missing college transcript, the USCIS (US Customs Immigration Services) will request additional evidence via the RFE. Keep in mind these petitions are not submitted by illegal aliens from Mexico or Central America. These are H1B applications where the applicants have had background checks and medical checks.

The applicants are complying with the law, but in the last 60 days, virtually every one of the cases has triggered an extensive RFE and by extensive up to 10 pages in six font type. A simple phone call to other immigration attorneys and firms indicates this is happening across the board.   Historically RFE’s this extensive have never been seen.

The Obama administration is pressuring against giving H1B visas at the same time they’re advocating for more H1B visas. Why would they do this? Because it puts the pressure on Congress from the Chamber of Commerce, from Bill Gates of Microsoft, from Google and all those people who want the H1B visa quotas increased. Most important it puts pressure on Republicans. Everything this president does is the rooted in the years of corrupt Chicago politics. He doesn’t care what his policies does to the American economy all he cares about is putting Republicans on the defensive

Despite the strategy and tactics which have been revealed through this blog and on many conservative radio talk shows, is causing endangered Democrats to step out and away from the shady coattails of Barrack Hussein Obama. On Monday a report on Fox news showed that children’s dead bodies are washing up on the Rio Grande River, which is flowing now- sometimes it is just a puddle but it is going from bank to bank now but is still only about 12 inches deep, easy to walk across. But a number of children were dropped by their carriers as they neared the border.  But the president is trying to force the Republicans to agree to, pressuring them with the H1B visa noose, children used as human shields to get across the border, whatever he has to do in order to get an immigration reform bill that will lock this country into a one-party state.

Based upon the LOCAL news coverage’s from around the country, the news coverage in Oregon and New Hampshire, in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Illinois and other places where these illegal’s are being dumped, the so-called children with the gang tattoos (you don’t have MS 13 on your forehead without a reason) are finally getting some kind of clue about what is happening. And so in the local press in all of these states (these flights are secret, the bus trips are secret- they are under Federal control and some obscure law dating back to WWII says the government does not have to inform the local citizens of the ‘refugee’ influx).


So here we are with the biggest backlash Barrack Hussein Obama has ever seen coming. This stink bomb he let off, trying to force Republicans, using his old Chicago tactics of creating a crisis, building pressure, getting the lapdog press to cover his humanitarian problem, and all that BS has totally backfired. No Democrat officeholder, the number of them are up to a dozen members of the Senate, for reelection in 2012 to the United States Senate wants anything to do with him. When you don’t even want to go to see first hand the problem, you don’t show any empathy, you don’t accomplish any actions, you just blame Republicans with the same old campaign rhetoric. When you do that one time too many you lose white working people. You lose, for that matter, black working people.

This administration continues to implode, but it looks like it is going to take the country down with it.



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