Water Hogs

Remember Saul Alinsky’s belief is to create a crisis to advance the agenda. So a crises is being manufactured in California – is based on a real problem – the real problem is a lack of rain and snow. California is in a drought. It is a problem, no question about it. But it is now going to be manufactured into a crisis, in which government is going to step forward to save the people from the ‘water hogs.’ By pronouncing that if you over use a certain amount of water by their definition, they will fine you $500.

To be sure downtown LA is now the driest ever since rain records were started in 1877. This is the driest year ever. No question there is a problem –the numbers in the last season July 1- June 30, last year, 11.93 inches of rain fell in LA for the entire year. That is almost 18 inches below normal, so normal is a lot higher.

There is a problem but government is now purporting to have the answer and that is to stigmatize certain portions of the population as ‘water hogs’ and that is the phrase they are using. In fact the Water Resources Board Chairman has said that it’s a ‘badge of honor’ to have a browning lawn and a dirty car. No it is not, it is an indication of the failure of government.

Why do I say that? The fact that the last significant water resources development project , reservoir, dam, pipeline, etc. was completed in the 1970s when California’s population was nearly half what it is today about 20 million people then, about 38 million now. In all the years since, environmentalists have prevented the government, have infiltrated the government, have influenced the media to influence the government, have influenced the Democratic Party to influence the media, to never again build another reservoir, to never again to build another pipeline to divert water from areas of the north of the state, where there is a lot of surplus water, to areas in the central and southern parts of the state where there isn’t. To build as their ancestors did for the future.

They had built a pipeline from the Colorado River in the 1930s that for 20 years people wonder what they were going to do with it. People built homes with acres of lawns because they had water to spare. When the population tripled in 1950s and 60’s then you got a problem. Because now there is not a surplus of water. There is not enough water because there is way too many people.

But the government in all those years, the last significant water storage and delivery systems in the state were completed in 1970’s- 40 years ago. All this time what has happened to the water supply- the water is still around, it’s just not where the people are. In the old days, their grandfathers would say lets build a pipeline. These days we say no you can’t do that it is environmentally insensitive. It is not the ‘water hogs’ that are the problem. Conservation is always a good idea.

It is not their consumption that is the problem, it is government not doing its legitimate legal job. There used to be a Gov. Brown who did that job and did it well -Jerry Brown’s father.   Pat Brown was one of the great builders of all time. He saw California being a magnet for people moving there and he said look we need roads so he built the. He didn’t build bike paths or diamond lanes other stupid things he built what was needed to handle the population influx. He build freeways so people could get around faster. It made California more attractive. It made business want to move there because the taxes were low , the gas tax was actually used to build roads – today only about 40% of the gas tax is used to build roads.   They built damns and pipelines and built dramatic waterworks that were globally admired to be able to meet the people moving into California with an adequate supply water and the farmers who were farming what was before a desert in the in the central Valley. This soon became the breadbasket of America and then of the world. California exports rice to Japan, that is how much a powerhouse agriculture is and 75% of the water goes to agriculture.

But now government, in order to get more control over your life is going to blame, not any other factor that has been mentioned here, but the ‘water hogs.’ Washing your car at home, if the water runs into the street $500 fine. And they have to hire what 10,000 more bureaucrats, who will become unionized, to watch the neighborhoods to make sure that people are not washing their cars. What really needs to be done is to fire all the bureaucrats, take that money and build more reservoirs and build the water storage capacity so they can use the water they have in the state to not suffer anymore from a drought.

On the eastern side of the Sierra Made mountains there are several empty reservoirs. The bureaucrats in California changed their earthquake standards and then decided these dams didn’t meet the new improved earthquake standards, so the water authorities emptied the reservoirs, did not upgrade the damns to meet the standards, and didn’t refill the reservoirs. On the western slopes of the California mountains there was a large number of dam proposals, reservoir storage damn proposals and every one of them was opposed by environmentalists. They insisted that California should be taking ocean waters out of the Pacific Ocean, reclaiming the water like they do in Israel. So the Poseidon company went out to do that in San Diego County. They wanted to put a plant right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean water and it would meet about 10% of the demand in San Diego County.  The environmentalists opposed the project along each and every permit application and it that it took 11 years to get the permit. The company has backed out because the cost of building it now is too expensive because the environmentalists would not allow this company to pursue the solution. The environmentalists propose it then destroyed it.


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