Dead people voting


Who voted for the dead people in San Diego, CA? Joel Hoffmann reporter for the San Diego Union Tribune on Monday 7/21/2014 indicate that voter fraud, even if minuscule according to a brief review of the records, indicates how it occurs in elections. When you claim to have no need for ID, when you allow mail-in ballots, so it is easier to participate in the voting process, the falling happens.

Let me introduce you to, well I can’t he is deceased. Francis DeGregory who is a World War II Army veteran who served in the Battle of the Bulge, died in 2008 and was interred in San Diego at the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. He has voted four times since his death.

Then there is Ms Daryl Wealty, an aspiring opera singer and La Jolla native who died of a blood clot during a visit to Bolivia in 1998. She was just 22 years old but she lives on at the voting booth as well -having voted 14 times since 1998.

What’s going on? Well the local registrar of voters is Michael Vu and he says, “Well people are dying all the time, people are moving away, turning 18. There is always going to be a lag time updating the voter rolls.” Ms Daryl Wealty, at this moment is still on the voter rolls in San Diego- she died in 1998 – 16 years ago. Lag time, Michael Vu, even by normal government standards, this seems to be a little extreme. 16 years of lag time?

Francis DeGregory died in 2008, six years is acceptable lag time? The San Diego Board of Supervisors has control of the registrar of voters. There are five of them and in none of the web pages about them, sponsored by the Board, is their political orientation mentioned. You have to actually search the voter registration rolls to find out they are all registered Democrats. Then if you look further 1 has the FBI investigating pension fund corruption, one is being investigated for destroying records on a toxic mold investigation, and another one is being investigated for having 2 Mercedes-Benz cars on their expense reports. Typical politics right?

If you believe that there is a fraud in your in your local elections, it’s not a national issue, except when the fraud is so widespread that it does happen nationally- and I’m predicting the 2012 mid-term elections will be rife with fraud accusations. I’ve already mentioned that in . Voter fraud is a local community issue. It is your vote that is diluted or wasted whenever someone is voting Daryl Wealty or Francis DeGregory. It becomes YOUR vote that is eliminated when a dead person votes.

Does it change elections- probably not as much as finding boxes of ballots in the trunk of your car, or certain counties voting 110 % for a candidate after all the other ballots have been counted. But this is something that you and I can do something about- demand voter identification. This was only a small random sample and they discovered 26 ballots cast in the name of 10 dead persons. No telling how many would be found in a complete review of the voter registration rolls.

So Michael Vu says when it comes to disqualifying voters his office faces “A huge balancing act between being overly aggressive and removing voters off the rolls, and disenfranchising them.” Really? It’s about time Ms Daryl Wealty was disenfranchised. She died in 1998 and she’s voted 14 times since then or someone has for her. That someone, of course, could very well be her mom. She denies it, but the absentee ballot went to her mom’s house. Dolores Wealty is a registered Democrat. She’s a frequent voter, she’s given $51,000 to Democratic causes or committees, or candidate since 1992. She was asked if she knew anything about her daughters votes.  She says it’s certainly very weird. She would not know how her daughter would actually vote. Maybe she would vote ‘vegetarian.’ She seems to be a nut-case Democrat and appears to be voting for two.

Francis DeGregory was a registered Republican and had a house in San Diego County and his son Francis DeGregory Junior lived their part of the time. He is a registered as a Democrat in northern California, South Lake Tahoe and he has cast a ballot there in three elections since 2009, most recently here in June of 2014. But apparently somebody is also casting Francis DeGregory Seniors mail ballot from the address in San Diego.

THE SOLUTION- voter ID. Show up in person and vote. It’s the only way we are going to have free and fair elections.   I know, some people can’t leave the house. Some people are not able to get to a voting place- despite both parties having volunteers to drive homebound persons to the polling places. Find these exceptions and verify them. Allow them to use mail ballots, they are identified going out, and when they mail it in. We know it’s only 2% to 5% of the population. The rst of the people should show up in person. The idea that half of the voters use mail in ballots, it was a third in the last election in San Diego and in Oregon it was nearly one hundred percent of the of people registered to vote where to lazy to go to the voting polls and voted by mail. There is no way to verify them. How do you fundamentally change America? You control the vote to be your way.



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