Immigration works in TN


Let us look at Tennessee, where both of the representatives in the United States Senate are “Republicans”. Notice the quote marks. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker both good gentlemen I’m sure, but they both voted for Senate Bill 744. That is the immigration amnesty reform bill. Instead of being blown about by the winds of political conformity, they should have taken a look at the real people of Tennessee first, their actual constituents.

According to a government report from The Center for Immigration Studies which has looked into the government data. Their report said, since 2000 the total number of working age immigrants, legal and illegal, holding a job in Tennessee, age 16 to 65, increased by 94,000 from the first quarter of the year 2000 to the first quarter of 2014. 94,000 more immigrants in that decade were working in the state of Tennessee. The problem is the number of working age native born Americans with a job during the same period went down by 47,000.

Only 66% of working age natives in the state of Tennessee held the job as recently as a first quarter of this year. The native born population of Tennessee has grown significantly-natives accounted for 60% of the Tennessee population growth since the year 2000 and have lost jobs. The working age immigrant population grew 176% from 2000 to 2014.

Now I am sure you have heard to lamestream press and lapdog media recite the mantra that immigration on balance, will increase job opportunities for everyone including native born Americans. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker, do you have any idea what is going on in your state.   Do you have any idea of the impact of immigration or do you just get the Chamber of Commerce and the unions talking points and that’s all you are is just Senate robots. Your support for amnesty means that the people in your state, who were born in your state, who have the legal right to vote in your state, will have less opportunity, fewer jobs, a lower standard of living and lower take-home pay when you both are running for re-election. What will be your platform then?


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