Kerry doesn’t cut the mustard- again


Secretary of State John Kerry is a fool. So the headline “Gaza cease-fire plan violates 2 treaties and the federal law “. ( The thrust of the plan here is to take it as a given that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (Al Fatah) have united as one entity. So what Kerry is trying to do and get the Egyptians to do is get the Palestinian Authority to assume responsibility for policing the crossings from Gaza into Egypt and from Gaza into Israel to relieve the Israeli boycott of Gaza. It is also an attempt to make the world feel that there’s a responsible party, the Palestinian Authority, that is doing it. It would seem though that Kerry’s understanding of history and law and international treaty’s is as bad, but goes along with Barrack Hussein Obama’s’ vision of a leftist world order.

One of many problems is the 1995 Oslo-2 treaty, which said because in this ensuing cease-fire in this agreement, the Palestinians would have responsibility for taking away certain weapons that Hamas has, which in and of itself will be weird. No idea how they would do it or if they really wanted to do it. But it would make the Palestinian Authority in effect, the police force of Gaza, assuming that Hamas wants to give up it’s weapons. The treaty doesn’t require it, it just says that the Palestinian Authority would grant certain Hamas people a new status as “civil servants” to control and administer the law in Gaza. Now the Oslo-2 treaty states that the Palestinian police will possess only the following arms and equipment- and there is a long list.  Apparently, Rocket Propelled Grenades and explosives and Iranian rockets are not on the list. There is no word that they would have to give up that stuff in this treaty.

Another treaty the 1998 Wye River Accords (Signed by President Bill “Can’t keep it in, gotta let it out” Clintonthat requires the Palestinian Authority to seize all illegal weapons in Gaza and in return the American taxpayer will give the Palestinian Authority $500 million. This has been going on since 1998- again, the leftist approach to everything is to throw money at it. This is nothing more than a bribe and so far they have not seized any illegal weapon. And, as a matter fact, Kerry’s cease-fire would relieve them of that responsibility in violation of a second treaty.

There is also, of course, just a minor matter of federal law. Federal law requires that Hamas, as a foreign terrorist organization cannot receive US aid. Yet Kerry, in his cease-fire proposal with the Egyptians is recognizing Hamas and the Palestinian Authority as one and the same, urging the two to merge. Under the federal law, a Hamas included unity government cannot get the $500 million a year because it would include a terrorist organization.

All of that is now being ignored by the Obama administration-treaties, federal law- down the drain. The administration is basically saying  we are going to do what we want to do, which is to hand over all this money to the Palestinians, urge them to hide Hamas within the Palestinian Authority, so we can say that more moderate people have taken over. They won’t have to give up any of their offensive weapons whatsoever, and leave Israel in a more vulnerable position than before. And we twice elected the community organizer who appointed this man.


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