The vast left wing conspiracy


The word today in all of the Obama media is inversion. How does it spread to the headlines of all the media and is used in the ‘talking points’ of all the left wing pundits. How does the word of the day (today’s leftwing word inversion) spread seemingly instantaneously, coming out in every liberal publication, blog, website, radio and TV program seemingly simultaneously or at least within 48 hours. Everybody is now talking about ‘inversion.’

I first mentioned how a couple of years ago when it was called the Associated Press stylebook. ( At that time it was a little informal instant messaging program used by a selected list of journalists. A couple hundred of them working in various key places who, early in the morning, check with each other, what word are we to be doing today, what is the theme for today. Once this was uncovered, because somebody got word of it and came out and admitted to it, it went underground for a while.

Now it has resurfaced as Journalist 2.0 and is called Game Changer Salon (rather blatant name ) ( for details on their membership and calendar of events). It’s got political reporters from Huffington Post, Reuters, the editor of the Nation Magazine, the producer for Al Jazeera America, columnists from the U.S. News & World Report, about two dozen Huffington Post contributors, a prominent CNN commentator. All the usual suspects, apparently coordinate what they’re doing and where did they get their marching orders. is the puppet master. If you watch in the late evening or early-morning there are themes listed and suddenly that theme is in the Washington Post, it’s on CBS news, it’s in The Nation, the Huffington Post.

How does that happen.  To paraphrase the most popular politician in the country today Hillary “Stand by my man” Clinton. It is because of “The vast left-wing conspiracy” of so-called journalists who are a giant echo chamber and propaganda machine for a failing president.


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