Campaign Salaries

So it turns out that there is a racial gap according, to the New Organizing Institute in campaign politics. For example, according to their study African-American staffers on Democratic political campaigns were paid $.70 on each dollar their white counterparts made. Democrats are certainly consistent, they have been doing this for 150 years. Hispanic staffers fared worse in Democratic political campaigns-the figure is $.68 on the dollar. Well, now do the Republicans have a similar gap, yes. Minority Republican staffers made 89% of their white counterparts. Female Republican staffers made 97% of their male counterparts, so it seems like there is a gap but not as big. Why wouldn’t the Democrats be 100 cents on the dollar? With all the rhetoric coming out of Eric Holder and Barack Hussein Obama, all the appeal to the Hispanic voters, and it turns out Republicans pay Hispanics better on the political campaigns than Democrats do by a wide margin. It turns out that Republican campaigns pay more than Democratic campaigns for everybody.

So is there going to be a living wage outcry for the Democratic campaign operatives who were paid squat to start with. African and Hispanic members are paid less than their white counterparts are. Where is the outrage, when facts are brought forth.


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