Conserving water- not!


Three Council members of San Diego where we know they are having a drought in California. It hasn’t stopped the government from wasting hundreds of thousands of acre-feet of water on all kinds of environmental litigation, but of course there is no water for food and farmers. And the rest of the citizens are subject to a $500 fine if they don’t let their lawns go brown. And of course the local city councils all over California are exhorting people to save and San Diego has as its local goal 20% less than what was used last year.

So the local paper San Diego Union-Telegram went and did a Freedom of Information Act for the water bills for the city council members, most of whom are using more water this year than they did last year. Not only did they not cut 20% of their water this one, Marti Emerald (a Democrats on the Council) her bill is up 124% from last year. When contacted, Councilwoman Emerald said that she had added some family members to her household. So further research shows that a she is not married, she doesn’t have a male or female partner and she is too old to be pregnant. So what family members were added that caused the water bill to go up 124%. The Union-Telegram refused to ask the follow-up question.

You know the biggest official who was down was the Mayor (the only Republican mayor in the top 20 cities in the United States). He was down 18.6%, very close to the 20 that was advocated.

Do the Democrats ever do what they insist the rest of us do?




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