The documentation of lawlessness


The Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security in a report released 8/12/2014 documented the fact that during the three weeks leading up to sequestration in 2013, from February 9 to March 1 of that year, 2,226 illegal alien detainees- 617 of them with criminal convictions- were freed. About 1,450 in the last weekend before sequestration. This Inspector General report indicates that those releases of the detained in general because, they had been detained try to break into the country but particularly those with criminal convictions, who had been held after serving their time in American prisons or County jails, those releases were illegal.

There was no legal basis for the releases was finding number one. Finding number two is that sequestration would not have deprived Department of Homeland Security of the money to continue to detain these illegal. There was no monetary reason to let them go. The Inspector General’s report indicates that there was plenty of money to continue detaining these people. Even with the cuts there would have been enough money to not to release them which according to finding one was in violation of law.

In fact because so many were freed on that last weekend before sequestration hit, the field offices of Phoenix and Houston and the other cities, the release over that weekend meant more tax dollars were spent because of the overtime pay for the field officers.  It meant that there was more payroll expense to the Department of Homeland Security to release the detainees than there would have been if they had kept them. And it meant that even if you’re talking due process for illegal’s and all that, the ICE attorneys (who didn’t work and wouldn’t work weekends) did not have the opportunity to review the cases before the release. Therefore, we have no idea how dangerous any of these 617 were.

So now we know the full extent of this outrage. At the time we thought your releasing criminal aliens into the United States general population that can’t be good. We didn’t know it was a direct violation of federal law, which the Inspector General has just made that finding- a year and a half later. We also have found out that the cost of releasing these people exceeded the cost of detaining them, so sequestration could not have been the reason to have done it.

The report does not come out and say it was simply Barack Obama punishing us like he punished the World War II vets by the closing of the Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. He doesn’t go that far but you can read the conclusion for yourself. If it was a violation of law to do it and you had enough money to do it and you spent more money than you would have releasing them than if you would have detained them, it’s pretty easy to read the conclusion that’s not there in the report. This was a deliberate lawless act by the president of the United States, to punish the American public for not giving the government more money.

In this case we have a situation where Congress never acted, the administration did. They acted unlawfully to release criminals into the general American population against the and law did it because of sequestration. Those are the findings of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security of the Obama administration. The documentation of lawlessness.


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