Todays Loser


All right, this one really goes to the loony tune of the week. The atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation has sued the IRS. This is the group that failed to strip “In God We Trust” from our currency after taking it all the way through the federal appeals courts. They wanted to tear down World War II memorials that included a cross. they want to ban the National Day of Prayer, they attacked the Star of David and the Holocaust Memorial and they even denied that Moses is depicted in the Supreme Court.

So the Freedom From Religion Crazies sued the IRS in 2012 demanding that the IRS monitor religious sermons to detect any political content. And if detected to use that content to deprive that church of its tax exempt status. This is so clearly a bogus, BS bit of nonsense. In a startling development the IRS has signed a settlement agreement with FFRF, and churches will now be monitored by the IRS.

The actual terms of the agreement have not been made public and the IRS says we will not make them public. This is consistent with everything else the IRS has done in the past and is under investigation for being a political tool of the current regime. So the FFRF has got the IRS to actually agree that they’re going to send agents into churches to monitor the content of sermons.

This is completely antagonistic to the plain meaning and the Supreme Court interpretations of the First Amendment. The supreme Court has said: “In Anglo-American history, government suppression of speech has so commonly been directed precisely at religious speech, that a free speech clause without religion would be Hamlet without the Prince.” Also the Supreme Court states: “Adherence of particular faiths and individual churches frequently take strong positions on public issues, including vigorous advocacy of legal or constitutional position. Of course, churches as much as secular bodies and private citizens have that right”. This is again the Supreme Court: “An intentional targeting campaign to monitor churches would violate the Constitution. The constitutional protection outlined in the establishment and free exercise clauses of the First Amendment has prevented the kind of involvement that would tip the balance toward government control of churches or government restraint on religious practice.”

Government restraint and government control is precisely what IRS monitoring of churches would bring about, targeting various churches at the behest of religious opponents and angry atheists is yet another abuse of government power by this administration. We’ve already seen how Lois learner who called conservatives ‘a**holes’ and ‘terrorists’ in her e-mail that we have been able to resurrect. She used the power of the IRS to block the tax exempt applications of conservative groups and groups who opposed Obama to limit their effectiveness before the 2012 election . Now the IRS has agreed to be used to suppress the free speech of the church in the United States.

Of particular concern to FFRF and other First Amendment advocacy organizations is “Pulpit Freedom Sunday,” a project of Alliance Defending Freedom, which focuses on freedom of religion issues. On Freedom Pulpit Sunday — which was last held in June 2013 with the participation of more than 1,100 churches — pastors are encouraged to advise their congregations on political matters, such as marriage and abortion rights, and even endorse or oppose candidate- a right they have according to the Supreme Court.

Will they monitor Jeremiah Wright’s sermons as much as they monitor Pastor Hagee? Will they send monitors into a church meeting of the New Black Panthers? Will they send monitors in Muslim mosques that we already have video of them denouncing the US.

The will send monitors to the large mega-churches to harass them and also to random small churches in the heartland of America to scare them into compliance with the FFRF mandates. How do you fundamentally transform America- destroy church loyalty. Straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. And now the IRS rules and regulations.


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