CA Drought leveling off


The LA Times reports that the drought conditions appear to be a leveling off. More than 80% of California continues to suffer extreme drought conditions, a figure that has been unchanged now for roughly 2 weeks, meaning that maybe this is the worst of the worst. This is a situation in which they may be were stabilizing, but the lack of food production as a result of 800,000 acre feet having been flushed out of the Sacramento River Delta in San Francisco Bay for ecological reasons and not put to food crops is going to drastic results.

You liberals and environmentalists (one and the same really) need to listen and maybe, just maybe, you’ll understand that there is always unforeseen consequences to the knee jerk solutions you come up with to the problems you manufacture. Providing the two inch Delta River Smelt with 8000,000 acre feet of water is going to cause rising food prices in Central America. Central America eats the produce from the Central Valley of California as well as the US. We export a lot of crops including the basics of rice, tomatoes, vegetables and fruit. So in Guatemala and El Salvador and Honduras and Nicaragua they to are under a mild drought and it has also destroyed some of their crops.

So the normal idea of rising prices and shortages of food to be filled in as usual by donations of American food and the subsidized purchase of American food imports isn’t going to happen. Now liberals/environmental/progressives/nut cases can you please explain to me how flushing the 800,000 acre feet of water into the ocean to save a 2 inch fish possibly stack up against victimizing poor people not only in our country with rising food prices and shortages but apparently now also in Central America.

Was it really worth it? Was it worth it to cause that much human suffering in the name of your stupid crusade for a 2 inch fish.   In good times everyone wants this 2 inch fish to survive. But wouldn’t you rather grow food crops and not see pictures of starving babies. This 2 inch fish has according to your ‘experts’ survived for millions of years and there has certainly be droughts and tide changes and earthquakes, etc. to affect its habitat and yet it has always comeback. But somehow you think it will not survive mankind.   But once our food is gone and we have a dustbowl in the Central Valley it will be a little tougher to come back and make the land grow crops again.

So what’s the answer? Well with liberals of course it is bigger government, more spending and more public debt. That will solve the problem because, well it always does as far as they are concerned.


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