Where they spent the last CA water bond


There will be a $7.5 billion dollar bond issue coming up on the California ballot for the ‘drought.’ Wait until you hear what they really want to use the money for.

Let’s first look at a similar bond issue passed in 2006. It was a $5.5 billion and the promise was California would get more water the next time there was a drought. Well they are having a drought and there isn’t enough water to go around. Why, because they pissed away the money on everything but getting a new water supply.

Let me give you an example of the $5.5 Billion was spent. $440 million went to wildlife conservation, $480 million to climate change regulation, $500 million went to state parks, a worthy goal but what has that to do with increasing the water supply.   $540 million went into expanding beaches (that is dredging sand from the ocean and piling on the beach where the tides and rain water – if it rained- would wash it back into the ocean), $900 million went to flood control- again worthy cause but doesn’t help store water for drinking.   $1 billion dollars went into restoring rivers and lakes for ecological purposes, $1.5 billion out of the $5.5 billion went to drinking water .

An individual prints full-page ads in a variety of California newspapers laying out these expenditures in a way that no journalists has had the courage to investigate and get printed. He shows that many California bureaucracies increased their budgets.   The California state parks increase there budget by $900 million of borrowed money, Wildlife Conservation Board $450 million, State Coastal Conservancy $360million, Secretary for Natural Resources bureaucracy $200 million, The Department of Forestry $90 million, California Conservation Corps $50 million, other agencies of state government $250 million. $3 billion went into building the bureaucracy without a single drop of water being generated.

Los Angeles got a $7 million grant for a Learning Garden, Oakland built the California Trail with another $7 million. San Diego had a Habitat Journey for $7 million. The Space Science Center in Sacramento got $7 million. The Natural Resources Division in Santa Ana, California also got $7 million.

That is where they actually spent the water bond money the last time – do you think it will be any different on this new $7.5 billion request. No, but at the same time they have gotten ‘gutsier’ and actually up front promised that of the $7.5 billion dollars, this time $2.5 billion will go to new reservoirs or expanding the size of reservoirs. The other two thirds will go to the new ecological bureaucracy that they built after the 2006 bond issue.


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