The California ObamaCare insurance exchange has now gotten a little scarier. Blue Shield of California and Anthem Blue Cross have now co-founded (a nonprofit supposedly -relax, it is just another tax write off under current law) the CAL-Index (https://www.calindex.org/). CAL-Index is going to comprehensively collect electronic patient records, to include clinical data from healthcare providers, and health insurers. The result will be one of the largest data banks of its kind, providing physicians and nurses with (hopefully, but doubtfully) secure online access to approximately 9 million health information records, a fourth of the state population.

I have for some time thought that the idea for physicians, nurses and hospital throughout the state and country to share patient’s health information is important. It is the method of doing it that I object to-the governments intrusion and control of the data that is frightening.   If the control was kept at the individual physicians software, the individual hospital or insurance company level and there was a universal language that allowed this disparate systems to communicate with each other, that would allow the patients to maintain control of their own personal health information.

These data exchanges WILL have a problem with security. Why, well let’s take for an example your IRS records. Do you have any doubt in your mind, that if there’s something in your medical record that could be used to keep you from running for public office, or running for a higher public office of if you’re an opponent of the expanding, ever more powerful federal government that your information will not be made public. Maybe it will be because of a ‘whistleblower’- who has no ill will for you right. Or maybe the data center got hacked into by person or persons unknown. The e-mails are missing from that period of time, so we have no idea how this could have happened.

It will happen- plain and simple. The IRS thing was a wake-up call. The more information you give to the government the less control over your life you have- the government knows all, and does what it wants with your information. For a description of a year ago about the development of the backbone for the data transmission (and it’s political corruption) please read:



Let’s talk about this webpage:

Giving – it presumes that the computer will make the decisions instead of the care providers. The computer will give them the information they need.

Lowering –because the computer can make better decisions than the care providers can, it will prevent complications from occurring, reduce the costs of medical care, insure that patients are healthier so they will not need to go back into the hospital and of course eliminate waste. Completely ignoring the fact that not one single government medical program from the VA to Medicare, to Medicaid has been free from waste- last year the government estimated $95 billion dollars in fraud.

Improving – administration (of the administrators can’t do their job with the current software programs, what makes you think they will do better with a larger far more complex program.

I think I’ll complete a series on the type of comprehensive medical software program I was the Senior System Architect on for 7 years and which allowed me to join a group bidding on the production of the National Health Care System for the country of Qatar in which we came in 5th, losing out to some multi-million dollar conglomerates.




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