IRS scandalous again


Speaking of the ever prevalent IRS scandal, the AP is reporting the IRS failed to do background checks on private contractors to handle confidential taxpayer information. Apparently, the Inspector General has found 34 IRS contracts in which five of them no background checks are required even though the contractors had access to confidential information. These are couriers, printers, document recovery companies, sign language interpreter services, etc. A bunch of services that the IRS contracts out to private companies, nothing is inherently wrong with that.

But when you don’t do background checks, and these contracted workers are allowed access to sensitive confidential information, many of them before the checks were completed on 12 of the contracts and on 20 of the contracts, workers were not even required to sign agreements to not disclose sensitive information. So you don’t do a background check on a courier that the IRS is using and the courier happens to be the front for an identity thief, or someone from the liberal Progress for America, or any other leftist organization. What chance do you have of keeping confidential information out of the hands of someone who may use it against you?  You have to assume today ias a modern American that nothing in your IRS, or medical records or your conversations or your e-mail or anything you do that is on the Internet is confidential. You simply have to assume that people who would like to do you harm already know the information they need or will be able to pay to get it.


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