CO first, CO2 next finally higher gas taxes

Ca seems to be waging their own war on climate change and the seeming need to reduce CO2. Carbon dioxide that is causing mother earth to weep as we destroy the planet and that California alone can lead the world into climate nirvana. If the US Congress won’t do it, California will create their own cap and trade regime. This was first of the proposed by Republican/Liberal Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. This regime would add costs to businesses that are emitting CO2. For instance the utility companies and the power plants are going to have to contribute, or to buy ‘carbon credits’, they are going to have to pay, in other words, to continue doing business. They will of course pass these costs along to all who buy electricity and natural gas. The major manufacturing plants are going to have to do something about the carbon dioxide they are emitting. All of this is being run by the California Air Resources Board or CARB.

Well it turns out CARB wasn’t going to stop there. They taxed the utilities, then the manufacturing plants and nobody really protested. Now they are after the citizens use of gasoline to tax.

This is a particularly ironic development, because since about 30 years ago, first California automobiles then nationwide were forced to install catalytic converters. This was demanded by environmentalists to stop the emission of carbon monoxide, by automobiles in California because that was producing, in the presence of sunlight, chemical smog. To get rid of the smog they forced the use of the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter, to be sure does not allow carbon dioxide to go out the tailpipe anymore. It converts carbon monoxide (CO) , are you ready for the irony of it, it converts it to carbon dioxide ( CO2). The environmentalists made us increase CO2 emissions in the 1970s and 80s in order to stop photo chemical smog from carbon monoxide. Now of course, CO2 is the evil chemical and we got to get rid of it.

And the way to stop CO2 emissions is to force everyone to pay more at the gas pumps. Other than the sales tax, there is no other tax that punishes the poor, more directly than the gasoline tax. This situation is so full of ironies. The Democrats, those who are ‘so concerned’ about the ‘well-being’ of the poor, could not bring themselves to delay, much less repeal the California Air Resources Board attempt to increase the gas tax.

CARB is just another bureaucratic entity that was not elected and is making policy decisions without the California legislators voting on it.   CARB expects the increase to be somewhere between 15 and 46 cents per gallon. They do not know how expensive the carbon allowances will be. What is a carbon allowance: “A central authority (usually a governmental body) sets a limit or cap on the amount of a pollutant that may be emitted. The limit or cap is allocated or sold to firms in the form of emissions permits which represent the right to emit or discharge a specific volume of the specified pollutant. Firms are required to hold a number of permits (or allowances or carbon credits) equivalent to their emissions. The total number of permits cannot exceed the cap, limiting total emissions to that level. Firms that need to increase their volume of emissions must buy permits from those who require fewer permits.” And guess what- there is a futures market for carbon credits where they are bought and sold (and of course raising the overall cost. As an aside Al Gore is a major shareholder in the largest carbon credit brokerage firm).

If you listen to the CARB chairperson Mary Nichols, and her own academic advisors, the purpose of this f program is to increase fuel prices. Increasing the fuel prices will supposedly get people out of the cars and into mass transit which the bureaucrats can expand and get more employees into the unions.

They have a long list of projects that they will use the billions (they hope) generated from the tax into rapid transit, electric buses (which have to be charged up nightly and probably during the day placing a strain on the electric grid), solar farms (that it seems fries birds as they glide over the collectors).

This is really meant to penalize the common people who have to drive to work, to the store, those who can’t go out and buy an electric vehicle, or use public transit to travel to and from where they want to go. Years ago, they made us pay more for a car to produce less CO, which created more CO2. Now they are going to punish the poor person again. Here we go around and around the progressives Mulberry Bush- and all they do is make life worse and worse for us.

Interesting sideline:

And then the scare mongers:

For the past 800,000 years, CO2 levels never exceeded 300 ppm, according to Scripps, which measures CO2 levels along with several other agencies, including NOAA. Records of past levels of CO2 are found in samples of old air preserved as bubbles in the Antarctic ice sheet, Scripps reports.

And a fair and balanced rebuttal:

why the secular experts are so afraid of “climate change”. They fear the atmosphere is unstable because of their theory of the Ice Age (one Ice Age for creationists, many for people misinterpreting carbon-14 dating). Their model, the Milankovitch theory, depends on variations in the earth’s orbit and seasonal tilt of its spin axis.11 The “push” on the climate from such variations would be weak, which makes secular climatologists think the earth’s climate is unstable, needing only a slight disturbance to “trigger” a disaster. and to assist


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