Who is Michael Brown

We need to remember a 20-year-old young man, Dylan Taylor, who was shot and killed by a police officer. It happened on August 11 of this year, just last week, it happened in Salt Lake City, Utah. It happened at the entrance to a 7-Eleven convenience store. It happened under circumstances that I’m not entirely clear about, just as I’m not entirely clear about the Ferguson circumstances either and I don’t think anybody is.

Nonetheless, a black police officer, unnamed at this point, they will not release the name of the police officer, the Chief is Chris Burbank. He will not release the name of the police officer but the police are continuing to analyze the shooting incident in which a black police officer (whom by the way the Salt Lake City local media refers to as “not white”) shot and killed unarmed on the ground and 20-year-old Dylan Taylor.

Was it a justified homicide by the officer, was is it a murder by the officer, I don’t know. All I know is that in one instance, where a white cop shoots an unarmed young black man, it has become an international incident and we can talk about anything else. In Salt Lake City a black officer shoots an unarmed young white man, and there is only local media mention of it.

Who is Michael Brown.   He was described by family members whom he would not live with: He lived with his grandmother. Now we see all kinds of family members on all the TV’s, mother, father, a brothers and sisters- people he did not and would not live with. The reasons have conveniently not been asked about. His grandmother described his as a gentle giant. Giant he is 6 foot 4 nearly 300 pounds and as we now know from the video of the convenience store, a bully, a robber, and quite an interesting character that this officer comes up on.

Whether the cop knew he was a suspect in the convenience store robbery that had just occurred or not, is irrelevant. Brown certainly knew that the cops where looking for him, and had to assume this one was, before he punched the officer. But just who is this guy, because I can tell you the AP is out with a story that gets into the background of the cop Darren Wilson in Ferguson, indicating that his mother was a con artist and he lived in a largely white suburban St. Louis and all kinds of other things to begin to paint a racist picture.

They are trying to pressure the grand jury, just 9 out of 12 of them to vote to bring an indictment. Nine have to vote yes, that there is probable cause crimes have been commited. So the way to get around that high standard, is you make it politically impossible for any black member on the grand jury to vote anything other than that, yes a crime was committed, because by definition a black was killed by a white and this has been made into an international incident, and you cannot possibly vote no crime has been committed if you are black.

Well, which crime came first, because it’s now clear, even from the prosecution witnesses favorable to Michael Brown that he assaulted, (well, they are calling it a scuffle) the police officer, who by the way sustained massive fractures to the bones around his left eye in that so-called scuffle. I would call that an assault on a police officer which is a felony in that state and in every other state in the US.

Who is Michael Brown? Among other things he was trying to become a rapper, engaged in rap music as a way to communicate his basic feelings. It seems to me that, just as we are not being treated to all the truths coming out of the Middle East because our reporters are being killed, we are not being treated to all the truths coming out of Ferguson either. Because the reporters sent in to follow the story, four of them from the New York Times alone, are reporting with a definite bias that a crime has been committed, the white officer was exercising racism and an innocent young black man was gunned down- an unarmed black man was gunned down in the streets.

Other than the fact that the innocent young black men apparently assaulted a police officer first with an eye shattering , bone shattering punch at least once, we don’t know exactly how many times yet. A gun went off in the car, apparently by the police officer as he was dazed from the punch and trying to defend himself. In defense Brown runs away, the police officer gets out and yells halt, halt because a crime has just been committed against him and it is his job to apprehend the criminal.  The criminal comes rushing at him, for whatever reason and the police officer fires six times and kills the individual attempting to re-attack him.

Is that the scenario that actually happened? We do not know for sure until the COMPLETE investigation is done, but that’s what the scenario looks like from everything I’ve been able to read from all the sources I can get my hands on.

But let us go back to the question who is? Here we get to a dilemma that about telling the truth. He produced four rap songs- that have since been removed from the web site.   A censorship is now going to be imposed on your being able to hear him Michael Brown’s own words, how misogynistic, how hateful, how anti-white, how pro-killer he was – at least in the lyrics of the songs that he produced on placed on a website. Around the Canfield Green apartments in Ferguson this 18-year-old was known for his music. He has about 150 people, according the LA times, on SoundCloud, a page where he showcased his “music. “  You will not be exposed to the actual words of this young man so that you can make a determination whether you think he’s a “gentle giant”. You can search on Bing (or if you don’t mind them violating your privacy-Google) for “Michael Brown rap songs.” You need to click on the links as soon as possible, because they are being taken off almost as fast as a new web site has them. I would also ask that you have a great virus protector because a lot of these sites are very shady indeed.

So the bottom line is there is a lot more evidence that needs to come out, so don’t make any hasty judgments.


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