It’s in the liberals DNA


Here is any explanation as to why the political elites in this country don’t believe in American exceptionalism (the theory that the United States is qualitatively different from other nation states). I got a good insight due to a book I’m reading (The Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin ) about Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. Roosevelt had a fear growing up and going through politics as governor of New York of the power of the private capitalists and the political class still has it in there DNA. This hatred of the power that capitalists once had 100 years ago, for instance in panic of 1873, and there was one in 1896 as well. In that financial panic J.P. Morgan had to step in and personally loan money so that the federal government could keep running.

Liberals of all stripes since then, have hated the notion that capitalists would have more power than the government. It has become part of their DNA that every policy must have as its core, not only a tax reason so you can sell it to the public on a fairness argument you can make, but it has to have a component of control over capitalism. The Dodd-Frank bill was the most recent example creating the Consumer Protection Bureau the most recent example of the hatred of capitalism, free enterprise and free markets.

So the reason government won’t lower taxes which would give us all more money and create an economic boom. It is not going to happen because it gives too much power from the government to private corporations.

I was just listening to NPR the other day (National Palestinian Radio) and they were talking about this economic stuff and there was a local issue in San Diego about a giving a company a tax break in order for that company to move into San Diego. The local City Council, was giving them a property tax break for 5 years and the question from the NPR host was “Well, how do you justify taking this money away from government.”

That is the burning question for liberals: how do you justify taking this money away from government. It is so a part of their DNA, of their basic makeup that liberals have a hatred for the idea that private people, private capitalists (demonized with that name) could have more power and more influence and more money than the all-knowing, all-powerful, all fair, all wonderful government- and I think it’s as simple as that.

There was a point in our history, where we trusted individuals and freedom and we in this country completely changed the world based on freedom and showed the world what can be done if you let people do their thing. And nowadays, you don’t get to do your thing unless you are talking about sexual perversion.


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