The gospel according to NY Times


I read the New York Times because it is the vanguard of liberal double speak. I read it along with many other publications and after awhile you see how their biases jump out at you and you can see how a story travels around the liberal circuit. For many people, the NY Times is gospel, so they read it as if every single word is the ‘truth.’ They are unable to discern that the ‘truth’ is oftentimes a far cry from reality.

Case in point, on Aug 26th their headline stated: “Grain piles up, waiting for a ride, as trains move North Dakota oil”. Oh sure, North Dakota’s got oil and because of that private property thing a lot of guys are making money, and their unemployment rate is low, but the price of everything is going through the roof, there is no affordable housing or diversity of course so this is the liberal hellhole.

Because of so much oil, the trains are thoroughly booked up with tanker cars taking the oil out of North Dakota. And there is a federal limit on the number of cars allowed in a train just 150 freight cars per train. This is creating, as the NY Times put it, a crisis for farmers whose grain shipments need to be sent to market. If I have a train with 149 cars already fixed, and somebody offers me $100 to carry a freight car with wheat and someone else offers me $1,000 to carry a tanker with oil- who do you think I am going to allow their rail car onto my train.

North Dakota was really a wheat growing area before the oil industry and now the NY Times states vast amounts of wheat are being held up, leading to millions of dollars in agricultural losses and production losses for breakfast cereal giants like General Mills. Well, let us not take that a face value, let us take a look at a map of the three major rail lines in the United States.


You can see from the map that the BNSF (Burlington Northern & Santa Fe) pretty much has a monopoly in the northern tier of states with trunk lines going down to Houston and Los Angeles. They are also the main line that crosses the northern border into Canada into the areas where the tar sands are being processed and shipped by rail to Houston instead of by pipeline.

Barrack Hussein Obama’s favorite billionaire (after the dust up with Bill Gates over a golfing trip) is Warren Buffet, who just happens to own the Burlington Northern Railway. It dominates the rail service in to and out of North Dakota. The Burlington Northern gets all of this North Dakota oil to transport (because it has a monopoly in that territory- I thought that was un-American?) to where the refineries are because we have yet to build the Keystone XL pipeline. It would come into the United States and would also be built over to North Dakota and would then bring the North Dakota oil by pipeline down to the Cushing, Oklahoma (a big rail hub for the BNSF) and then down to into Texas to the refineries.

However, since Warren Buffett blocked the Keystone XL pipeline by trading favors with Obama as well as other billionaires pulling in favors ( and and ).


Warren Buffet is able to keep the pipeline from serving oil fields and bringing us oil that would be one/third cheaper than using rail cars and a lot safer for the communities along the rail lines and far less toxic chemicals to clean out the oil tankers before they are sent back up north. Oh, and by the way it screws the farmers by not allowing them to easily ship their crops to market. What does that do for you and me- it raises the base price for our essentials- bread, cereal, and beef, and chicken who would eat the grain, if it could get to them.

In the first three paragraphs of this article in the New York Times, you can come up with the reason why farmers are being screwed if you can read between the lines. People actually take this at face value and there are millions of people who read this paper every day and think that it is the gospel. That’s what’s going on and they don’t have 10 seconds to get beyond it, to realize that you have got to be prepared as you do for every media outlet in my view (including the conservative ones) for their bias. You have got to be prepared to connect some dots they’re not willing to let to let you see. You have to connect the dots yourself, think for yourself, because the bedrock of freedom is not the Constitution, it is freethinking people who have a rational brain, like you.



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