American politics at its worst


70% of Americans according to a Reuters poll conducted in mid- July. 70% including 86% of Republicans believe that illegal immigrants threaten traditional US beliefs and customs. Not many of the Senators and Congress critter who went home on this ‘vacation’ have decided to hold town hall meetings to get to hear from their constituency. Those that have end up with people screaming about immigration, they are screaming about these “kids” being dumped into their communities, into their public schools full tattoos, full gang members, being called children.

“Voter anger,” says Reuters, “over illegal immigrants spilling over into congressional town halls.” The president on the other hand, is saying, “At the same it has allowed us to engage in a broader conversation, on what we need to get more resources down on the border. It would’ve been helped along if Congress had voted for the supplemental I had asked for, but they did not. That means we have to make some administrative choices and some executive choices. This is about getting more immigration judges it down there.”

When the heck are you going to that, sir!!   Yesterday, August 28th, the top two (both female) federal judges in immigration courts indicated they had almost 400,000 cases backlogged and just 227 judges. That’s the total immigration bench. This farce about Congress not passing any assistance is just that. The House passed a $32 million for new judges.  The Senate, dominated by Democrats, Mr. President dominated by your party adjourned for a month. The House passed the bill and when you say Congress failed to pass a bill you automatically hope your blind followers will understand you to mean Republicans are obstructing progress. The Republicans passed a bill to give you more money for just that very purpose. The Democrats refuse to do anything about this bill as well as the other 350+ bills that the House has passed and Senate (Harry Reid) will not even delegate to the appropriate committee.

I smell a democratic trap. It is not by coincidence that when the August recess is over, and Congress comes back, there is an October 1st deadline for funding the government. They don’t have a budget, of course not, they never do their job. September 30 is the end of the fiscal year. October 1st begins the next federal fiscal year. Where’s the budget? Well as has been the case for every year of the Barrack Hussein Obama administration they run the government a continuing resolution.

So now we get this scenario that if the president acts unilaterally on immigration , says Steve King of Iowa and Ted Cruz of Texas, if you go ahead with these executive actions on amnesty for 6 million illegal’s, we are going to use that budget resolution to stop you. We are going to defund whatever we have to defund to stop you from doing that.   But they do not answer the question what it is you will defund: border protection, judges, the Justice Department?

Doesn’t matter though, even if you have an idea of what you’re going to defund, you know that while the continuing resolution will pass the House, it will not pass the Senate. In other words the government will shut down, again.   The democrats will be able to say the Republican obstructionists again stopped the government, shut down the World War II Memorial, shut down the national parks and all the rest of the selected ‘important’ functions right before election.

This is the only tactic the Senate Democrats  have to try to maintain their majority in the mid-term election in November. So when Republican sources start talking about a showdown with the president over executive actions and the showdown being the budget resolution I have to ask- what are they thinking? Barrack Hussein Obama admits to having no strategy for ISIS (or ISIL or whatever they want to be called) what kind of strategy do the Republicans have because the Democrats are gloating today.

Trumka of the AFL-CIO says you are going to make the Republicans mad no matter, so go big- amnesty just 5 million, do all 11 million. You will galvanize your base, and force the Republican base to go crazy. Every poll says the Democratic’s will lose their majority in the Senate- this tactic might save their skins.



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