Now you know

Let’s bring you up to speed on the racketeering known as the Obama administration and the Chicago mafia- yes, we are talking about money- lots of money. You saw the headline of the Atty. Gen. Eric Holder announced a record deal ,settling a mortgage abuse charges against Bank of America for $17 billion. This is because they had bought CountryWide, which had been advertising (as a result of Congressional pressure from Barnie Frank through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) on this no money down, no job needed, liar loans and so BankAmerica settled for $17 billion.

$7 billion of the $17 billion to goes to consumer relieve, debt forgiveness and that is a good thing. $7 billion is going to be applied to delinquent borrowers in this list of cities: Cleveland, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Oakland, Detroit, Chicago and several more which are all Democratic urban strongholds. People who are suffering in rural and suburban areas you are out of luck. What Holder is doing with ‘his’ money is making clear to the core constituency in the Democratic Party that they will be taken care of. They’re doing this in the most blatant partisan way ever seen. Of the $7 billion from it on the debt forgiveness, includes $500 million to cover personal property taxes owed on the debt. Holder is even go to pay the taxes of those bought a house they could not afford.

The other $10 billion (instead of being used to hire more doctors at the VA or other noble things) goes to all kinds of leftists advocacy groups. It goes to the interest on Lawyers Trust Account, legal aid for the poor, it goes to Neighbor Works of America a an operating arm of ACORN (and you thought they had been eliminated). It goes to La Raza, it goes to the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, it goes to the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation whose director calls himself “a bank terrorist.” It goes to Operation Hope in LA to lobby for more ‘dignity’ mortgages for people who can’t pay them.

It’s a payoff to every street activist group in this country. You’re welcome for the information.


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