No more Snapple


On the domestic front, First Lady Michelle Obama got concerned about childhood obesity and was determined to do something about it. She organized a complete campaign to revamp the school food menus, and to back up her contention that the menus needed to have less fat, and low sugar and carbohydrates and sodium, and needed with more fruits and vegetables. And to back up her campaign, then she, not Congress, she threatened to take away the schools federal money. In other words, an unconstitutional extortion racket run out of the White House to bully local school districts into this new menu.

Many of the kids have rebelled. They are simply not eating the food. In fact, in many states where they can buy food or the kids can ‘brown’ bag it, the number of kids participating in the program is way down and therefore the amount of money from the government for the school districts is decreasing.

A large number of district have ditched the school lunch program and you have to ask why? It’s not because they’re unhappy with the program, it’s not because of dissatisfaction with the menu, it’s not because they’re not concerned about the obese kids, but it is because the number of kids taking part in the subsidized program, and therefore allowing them to get money from the federal government has gone way down. In Michigan’s Oakland County, for example, 4700 fewer students are having school lunches than when the federal regulations went into effect in 2012.

The school food-service programs in every district are required to be self-supporting, their funds don’t come from the school district general fund. They have to make that money in the cafeteria. If they t have a subsidized lunch program and kids are bringing their lunch to school, which is what’s happening now, you’re depriving the school district of that self financing cafeteria.

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report estimated earlier this year, the total amount of waste in school lunches has reached about $1 billion per year. $1 billion in wasted food was the initial reaction of the students to the new Michelle Obama school menu in the first couple years.   More than 75% of school districts in the state of New York are now losing money because of the federal lunch and snack regulations.

One of the things they used to have, for instance, were vending machines in the cafeteria and they would make a percentage of profit from the vending machines. If you had a good Snapple machine, you make 10 grand a year off that one Snapple machine. But according to the guidelines, Snapple had way too much sugar and they were pulled out. They were replaced with RO water and fruit chips.

We still have the problem of obesity along with the problem of a runaway federal extortion racket. We have a problem of the already squeezed local school district having yet another headache to deal with and how is this helping anybody?


The solution is to give the schools money to have physical education classes, have them do doge ball and other activities. But it was the liberals that shut down these activities because they didn’t want one child to be physically superior to the other, that is competition and we want everybody to succeed and be equal. (see:  ) That is why the kids are fat- no exercise.


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