Same physical requirements is sexist


Eric Holder, and the Justice Department (or the Just Us Department) has decided to sue the Pennsylvania State police and wait until you hear why. The Pennsylvania state police had the audacity to require standards for physical fitness to become a member of the state police.

Here are the standards: a 3 meter run, a certain number of setups , a certain number of pull-ups, a vertical jump and a half mile run. 94% of all males and 70% of all females past the minimum required physical standards. The standards were applied equally, both male and female had to pass the same standard. It would seem to make sense to me that everyone who wants to be a police officer should have the same physical capabilities and case of an emergency.

However, Eric Holder seems to believe that the Pennsylvania State police are exercising sexual discrimination. Apparently requiring all candidates to pass the same physical requirements is sexist. Since 94% of the males are passing, but only 70% of the females are passing the test than the standards are obviously sexist, they are designed to prevent females from equally competing against the males.

I thought the prevailing politically correct mantra was that the women were supposed to be treated equally as the men, but apparently they have snuck in a new caveat: that is, women are to be treated the same unless they are incapable of achieving the same results then they are to be allowed a special handicap.

The second part of the lawsuit is that Holder is claiming that the state of Pennsylvania has failed to compensate the women who have failed the test. You got it, the DOJ wants Pennsylvania to pay women who have failed the test. What is important now is the outcome; not whether or not everybody who is a police officer has the same skills and abilities, but that the same number of men or women who take the test successfully pass no matter how you have to change the standards.

How did the liberals get this country to the point where equality means treating people differently?


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