Who would have thunked it?


Let us take a look at ObamaCare. Hackers got into part of the healthcare.gov insurance exchange on July 8. The Department of Health and Human Services only discovered this 10 days ago. The Department of Health and Human Services didn’t even know that malicious code had been inserted and uploaded into an ObamaCare server, and was dormant waiting for command to attack other computers. The Obama administration said their was evidence that a foreign government did this.

Okay there was no evidence of foreign government breaking the Watergate either, but that didn’t really answer the question that we are asking. The question is how did somebody hack into the website that cost over $600 million to build. How was that possible? Simple! Turns out that the server was left with its default password. They did not even change the default password. I have fired developers who did not do that with the companies I have worked for.

Darrell Issa has subpoenaed the Director of The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services to try to determine how this debacle came about for September 18. Everybody is talking about how this hacker got into the system and of course the department said it was only a server that testing was done on. The incompetence, the shear wasteful, stupid inattention, incompetence that this administration has even for something they should care about ObamaCare getting ready for the enrollment period in the second year. Starting September 15 through December of 2014 I can guarantee that the problems with the website will be worse than they were in the first.


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