How government works

How do things actually work out. It turns out that Brian Fallon, who is a former senior aide to Sen. Chuck Schumer, a very well-known guy on Capitol Hill. He is now a senior communications aid to Atty. Gen. Eric holder. Brian Fallon meant to make a phone call. It was intention to make a phone call to the ranking minority member of the House Oversight Committee –Congressman Cummings.   He must of had a fat finger problem because instead of dialing up Elijah Cummings staff, he dialed up Daryl Issa’s staff and thought that he was speaking to somebody from Elijah Cummings staff.

What he did he asked for help spinning new revelations about the IRS scandal. His request was to leak some documents to help get ahead of new stories about the scandal. This is how it really works, if there’s something embarrassing, use Friday afternoon to release it before anybody else does, and then next week when it gets out it’s like old news. This is how it really works. Mr. Fallon got caught.

Turns out that Fallon without really understanding who he was talking to asked if the person who picked up the phone if they could release the IRS scandal documents to selected reporters so that Fallon would have the opportunity to comment on those reports. How do you think the reporters get their stories- well sometimes they call on sources.   Sometimes they are leaked to them by friends on the inside. So Fallon was saying leak thee documents, make sure you tell them I am the undisclosed source to respond to those documents. This way before the Republicans get to spin this think we can spin it our way. The Issa aide put the call on speaker phone and asked them to Fallon to fax over the information so they could evaluate it. At this point Fallon puts the call on hold and when he comes back he realizes he is not talking to Cummings aides. He then says there has been a change of plans and the DOJ will not be releasing any documents.


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