The Imperial Presidency


The president delivered his primetime address on his strategy to destroy Isis and/or Syria. It said in the official release that he is going to speak from the “White House.” Now remember how this works. Every other American president has spoken, when something serious, some discussion that has to be had, some leadership that has to be enunciated, some turning point in our history. The address has been from the Oval Office, the president sits behind a desk with the flag behind him, a picture of the family on his desk, he’s at his official position, at his desk working as President of the United States, delivering the address.

Barack Obama has never done this. When he speaks from the White House, he comes into the room with a podium, draped in flags behind him and other regal trappings and speaks to us after coming done that long carpeted hallway to come and stand up on the podium and lectures to us.

Think about it a little, when the President is sitting behind his desk, waiting for the director to point at him start the speech, he is waiting for us. He is there ready to give his speech and he gets the signal when we are ready. Obama’s way, when he comes down the red carpet and down the elegant hallway and up to the podium. We are waiting for him.   We are at his command.

We waited him, for the speech because the speech of course is everything. The speech is the solution. The speech is the program, the speech is the strategy, the speech is the action. The speech is the doing. This is what we learned from him the past 6 ½ years.  This is who he is, the speech is the doing.

We will see if there is any doing that actually happens. It all boils down to the speech and in the speech he asked for $5 billion in a counterterrorism fund to fight ISIS . This is a really odd and weird addiction that this leftist president has. Every time he makes a speech, it’s all about more government, more expenditure, spending more money. He can’t say anything , whether it is about the VA, immigration or anything without saying it’s going to cost more and Congress has to give me this much more money.

It is especially weird in this situation, since the Pentagon already has an overseas contingency operation fund. The OCO fund has been funded for years, it started under Bush. This year it has $60 billion in it to be used for overseas contingency operations. They have only spent $5 billion of it this year on places like Nigeria and all kinds of places where we have troops all over the world, actual boots on the ground in some 29 countries.

But he wants $5 billion more, because you always have to ask for more, you always have to take every one of these crises and grow the government, and grow the intrusiveness of government, and the employment of government and the kickback of the dues to campaign contributions.


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