Did they get a dose of reality?


Every Monday after reading the Ney York Times has done it again. Their news analysis headline says, “The assault weapon myth.” The New York Times is making a startling admission about guns. “Over the past two decades, the majority of Americans in a country deeply divided over gun control have coalesced behind a single proposition – the sale of assault weapons should be banned.” In fact, they point out in a poll last December, 59% of likely voters said they favor such a ban, but says the New York Times, in the 10 years since the previous ban lapsed (there was a ban on so-called assault weapons from 1994 to 2004), even gun-control advocates acknowledged a larger truth- the law that barred the sale of assault weapons made little difference.

Liberals your ban on ‘assault weapons’ did not stop gun violence. It turns out, that according to the New York Times, eleven thousand Americans are killed with guns each year. Only 322 were murdered with any kind of rifle, much less “assault rifle.” The NYT goes on about the media having an obsessive focus on banning ‘assault weapons’ because of a couple times they have been used in horrific shootings in an elementary school, in the theater etc.

Then they drill further down into the details. Listen to this, five to six thousand black men are murdered with guns every year, black man amount to only 6% of the total population of the US. But of the 30 Americans, on average shot to death each day, half are black males.

The New York Times must have taken a ‘truth’ pill. It seems like they are trying to chop down all liberal myths down to just the facts. They go on to talk about the how in the early 1990s Democrats “created,” this is the word they used, “created” then banned the category of so-called “assault weapons.”  The Democrats, politically defined this category of guns, a selection of rifles, shotguns and handguns with “military style” features and these guns only figured in about 2% of gun crimes nationwide before the ban.

The Department of Justice tried to fund an evaluation of the entire assault weapon ban: Feinstein is for it, Obama’s for it, everybody was clamoring for it, but it couldn’t pass Congress because it could pass the BS test. It simply would not address the problem. It was a solution in search of a problem. But the Department of Justice now says this, “should it be renewed [talking about the assault weapon ban and as Obama has been campaigning for] the ban’s affect on gun violence are likely to be small at best. “

The NYT article goes on to say most Americans do not know that gun homicides had decreased by 49% since 1993 as violent crime also fell. 56% of Americans, according to a Pew survey, believe wrongly that the rate of gun crime is higher than it was 20 years ago. In fact, it is half as much.

For the Brady people, and for all gun-control advocates, and for all of you who have been out there try to sell us “assault weapon” ban (Diane Feinstein are you listening) you have been wrong. You have been addressing the wrong problem because in every area where there is a concealed carry expansion crime goes down, shootings go down. We need to focus on where the most gun violence is where the most killing by guns is. Unfortunately, it is in the black community and unfortunately, it is mostly black on black violence. Half of the males killed in the US are black males.


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