Sorry, can’t buy a gun-wrong race.

Thinking about buying a gun for Christmas? Well, you will face a new regulation from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which is still known as ATF, because they have created Form 4473 and they introduced it with little fanfare to every gun store the country. Form 4473 is the record that the government requires gun purchasers and sellers to fill out when you are buying a firearm. The change is that the form now requires in addition to other issues, to identify the buyer as either Hispanic, Latino or not. If you are ‘Not’ then you have to check your race as Indian, Asian, Black, Pacific Islander or White. Those are the choices of your ethnicity and your race will now be required by the Obama administration if you buy a gun.

Where is the authority to do that legally? Let us go back to constitution, back to the laws passed by Congress, the faithful execution (ha-ha) of laws by the executive branch. So is the executive branch faithfully executing a law passed by Congress. No it is not. Providing race of gun buyers is not required by any federal law. Then where did this come from, out of his mouth, ear, or any other bodily orifice you care to mention.   They made it up- why is the great unknown.

It is now a required field on form 4473, if you are going to buy a gun you will be required to provide your race.  First of all, isn’t that against the constitution- are we not supposed to discriminate? Secondly, it’s weird because it provides very little law enforcement information. That would be the reason for having that information to determine how many guns are owned LEGALLY by different races, Wouldn’t help to find out how many ILLEGAL guns are owned by different races.

Now a spokeswoman for the ATF Elizabeth Gosling was asked by the Washington Times,  why first of all what is your authority for this race and ethnicity question on the form you don’t have a legal authority to do it. Number two law enforcement says it doesn’t really help them in a measurable way they don’t need that information. So number three. Why did you make this change in 2012 and Elizabeth Gosling would not respond. She would not respond.


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