Bend over and smile!


Who, other than the liberal left thought it would be good news when the IRS got involved ObamaCare. Do you know anyone who has had a ‘good’ encounter with the IRS organization? Do you view them as dedicated to simplification, of using common sense, and making good judgments? Of course not, their attitude is, if it is simple it is defective. It has got a be as complex as possible so they have a semi-valid reason to hire the of millions of agents needed to track down all those who would deliberately defraud the US government.

So here’s the latest ‘thing within’ the law that we didn’t know about until we passed it. If you signed up for subsidized healthcare in your state exchange or the federal exchange and you were told you had a subsidy for your premiums, understand first of all that the subsidy is not sent to- it is sent to the health insurance company. Starting to see the built in scam, it actually comes on several levels.

The first level of the scam is somebody sets the rate that you’re going to pay. The government inflates it by requiring a whole bunch of stuff in your policy you may or may not need (such as senior men with gynecological coverage, female infants with maternity coverage, sex-change operations, etc. All of these have been documented as required for the standard insurance requirements). All of this has been mandated by government bureaucrats (who were not elected and their regulations were not voted on by Congress) of what must be covered in order to be ‘real health insurance.’ This has driven the price of the insurance up, the health insurance companies beset on all sides by liberals who would love to nationalize them see the risk is growing and they raise the premiums above that. Then the government says, not to worry were going to subsidize the premiums.

So the first phase of the scam is somebody else sets the rates, the government inflates the rates which creates uncertainty in the marketplace causing companies to inflate rates even further. The result is we no longer have a competitive marketplace in which rates are set by the users of that market. Now we have politics and politicians telling us at the same time that the overall effect will be to reduce premiums. Of course, it has not. Remember the famous pledge that the average family of four will see a reduction of approximately $2500.

The second level of the scam. Not to worry, even if you earn $94,000+ and have a family of four, you’re going to get a subsidy and it increases the less you make.  So anybody under hundred grand were going to take care of you by subsidizing those inflated premium cost. Okay, so people get 20 to 60 to 80% or more – except the money goes to the health insurance companies. So what is the incentive for the companies to lower premiums?

So then the IRS says to you the premium payer, we are basing the level of the percentage of the subsidy on your information of what you make according to the W-2 forms submitted by your employer(s). 279,000 American households have now reported incomes that don’t match the IRS records. 279,000 households.   Supporting documents have to be sent in by September 30th.

So being the IRS you are guilty until you can prove yourself innocent- and good luck with that. They are double checking and if you get a subsidy and you don’t meet the standards, say you earned $150,000 and you told the IRS you made$ 94,003 for your family of four. The IRS will deduct the subsidy that they paid not to you but the insurance company, from your refund check.

It cannot get worse than that, right. Well you just do not know what is in the 43,000+ pages of regulations added to the nearly 2,000 page ObamaCare bill that was passed before midnight that Christmas Eve, oh so many years ago now. Iif you actually are a success in life, say you went from a mere $15 an hour minimum wage job at McDonald’s. You actually get a job in your field of study and you’re making $30 and say it happens in mid-year and earlier in the year you’ve gone ahead and applied for health insurance and your new employer doesn’t have health insurance, so you’re happy to have the ObamaCare insurance.   So you’re feeling good and you’ve got this new opportunity, this new job and you forget one little thing. If you don’t immediately report the change to the IRS so they can cut off your subsidy, and you wait to the end of the year, they will penalize you and they will take back all the money on any tax refunds in the future.

So in other words, there is now a penalty on success, a penalty on moving on up, a penalty on ambition to sucker you into these lower insurance rates produced by subsidies on insurance rates that in the ObamaCare market are way higher than they need to be. They mask it with subsidies that they are ready to yank back from YOU, not from the health insurance companies.

With this explanation would you vote for anyone in Congress who voted for this bill and continues to support it?


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