Chuck Todd food metaphor


Speaking of food, the new and not yet successful host of Meet the Press on Sunday ,was trying to describe in terms people could understand, the division in this country, and he settled on a food metaphor. “In one corner it’s the Starbucks nation, these are democratics who live in the big cities and the adjacent suburbs- lots of Starbucks. In the other corner, it is Chick-Fil-A country, basically Republicans who live in the area between suburban America and rural America, we call them the exurbs – it is also another way of saying small town America. When the Democrats had the advantage two years ago, President Obama essentially swept the board, he won all but one of the toss up states – he had a lot of Starbucks states essentially. This year it is the Republican edge, the GOP is almost certain to pick up states in Chik-Fil-A country: Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia. Don’t forget we have Arkansas, Louisiana here. These Republicans with a lot of opportunities to win Senate seats in areas that are favorable to that. Then you have the swing states.”

And he went on and on and on about the Senate races in Colorado and Illinois. But what is really going on here is that he’s in full campaign mode for the November mid-term elections . The majority of people who shop at and drink a coffee at Starbucks are in urban areas and obviously lean Democratic. But Chuck is trying, with his metaphor, to remind women voters that the Chick-Fil-A people were the ones trying to deny you your medical care. Chick-Fil-A has become the liberal codeword for the democrats so called war on women

So Chuck Todd, instead of reporting the news is trying to put a political slant on it in such a way as to help drum up the democratic base, that the sophisticated Starbucks drinkers need to get out and vote and not allow those rural down home Chik-Fil-A hicks to beat them at the polls.


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