Climate changes 4 times a year


300,000 people took to the streets in Manhattan last weekend demanding international action on global warming. The People’s Climate March was quite a spectacle in the city. They were hoping to generate a major social movement. Former VP Al Gore was there, the Secretary-General of the UN Ban Ki-moon was there, Mayor Bill de Blasio was there, Leonardo DiCaprio was there. DiCaprio and Al Gore apparently flew in on their private jets to demand action on global warming.

According to the New York Times there were signs that said “No planet B to try to move our population,” “Forests not for sale,” “Jobs, justice, clean energy.” Some of them were the Socialist Workers Party, the Communist party USA and various leftist organizations that want another reason for government to get bigger and more intrusive and take more of your money.

The New York Times thought it was just a quaint little parade. There was an inflatable minaret, Muslims were walking next to a wooden replica of Noah’s Ark the size of a school bus, and then there was some Franciscan monks in town from Rome for the march mingled with nuns with the group behind them flight a pagan flag. This ‘wide diversity’ is what caught the attention of the New York Times.

What got my attention was this was a group of people, again who were from the far left. They had were marching about as Reason magazine actually talked to some of the protesters and what they wanted. It reminded me of a lot of the sadness with the nonsensical questions asked by Jay Leno on his ‘Jaywalking’ skits and the current ‘Watters World’ on the Bill O’Reilly show. God help us if these people are in the majority.

300,000 people trashed Manhattan and it depends on which media outlet is covering it, but enough of them have covered it with pictures and video to show that eight tons of trash was left behind by these folks who were protesting that we are not taking care of the planet. They were protesting that capitalism is destroying the planet, even in the face of the fact that every socialist regime on this planet does far worse damage to the environment than any capitalist country. The regime in China is the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide, but the Chinese Minister of Commerce will not be attending the conference coming up. India, a socialist country basically, is the second greatest emitters of CO2 ( as well as just about every other toxic gas) and they won’t be attending. From the Soviet Union to North Korea to Cuba you can look at any of the poor countries as they generate an amazing amount of toxic waste because their industrial production is about the level of the US in 1920.


In capitalism the consumer is king. If you don’t like something, then you can get down on somebody and they don’t innovate you can you basically change their business. You can’t change the state owned businesses in China. You can’t, you get thrown in to jail, but you can here and yet again here these people walking down the street Manhattan demanding an end to capitalism as the biggest threat the planet. Black is white, white is black and the sun comes up in the West and we are having a march tomorrow. Yeah!


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