There is no inflation


The way it looks in the ads.

I don’t eat the ‘Big Mac’ but a lot of people do. The average US price in 2002 for a Big Mac at McDonald’s was $2.49. Today it is $4.80 a $2.30 increase which is nearly a 100% increase in 12 years.  What’s driving the price of that Big Mac up. Normally in recessions prices come down until demand increases. This is how a private, market based economy gets out of recession, people lower their prices until the customer comes back in and then restart it all over again, building a business up and as demand increases the business can raise prices to meet the demand. Now we keep all of the prices up, we raise the prices, people get less money, we subsidize them, we do wealth redistribution, we do all kinds of crazy socialist nonsense that didn’t work anywhere else, and it is not working here either. We’re all getting poorer. The Big Mac is $2.30 more expensive than it was in 2002. I mention this because of course, we were told by our government as recently as last week that “There is no inflation”.

The way it really looks when you get it.






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