The Fluke


Five airports across the United States and start screening passengers arriving from Ebola affected countries in West Africa. Apparently, Josh Earnest the current White House Press Secretary, said the temperature will be taking. They are going to use a non-contact thermometer made by Galco sells the Fluke 62 MAX Infrared.  I hope it’s not a fluke! If you go to their web page you can read the description: “This noncontact thermometer is the ideal tool for measuring surface temperatures of rotating, hard-to-reach, electrically live or dangerously hot targets. These meters are suitable in applications where fast response is required. These meters require bright laser beams so targeting objects in those dark hard-to-reach places won’t be a problem”.

They are industrial thermometers , so they sound perfect for the TSA. I will do more research to see if the company executives have any ties to the Obama administration because they stand to make a fortune off the inflated sales of these devises.

In any event, we are now going to take the temperature people getting off the planes. The New York Times actually took this seriously, and THERE IS NOW WAY this should be taken seriously. There is no possible scientific defense for it. The NYT headline: “Newly vigilant, US will screen flyers for Ebola.”

The continued: “Atlanta federal health officials will require temperature checks for the first time in five major at American airports for people arriving from three West Africa countries hardest hit by the deadly Ebola virus.”   Now then, check out their next sentence to see whether or not this is a waste of your money: “However, health experts said the measures are more likely to calm a worried public than to prevent people with Ebola from entering the country.”

It’s all theater! You will be paying for the equipment and labor used for “measures that are more likely to calm a worried public than to prevent people with Ebola from entering the country.”

For those who really want to know the science of this from the American Council on Science and Health has put out a blog by Dr. Josh Bloom a known expert on this disease and he said “I couldn’t believe what I was reading, the airport screening is a joke. It depends on taking temperatures and doing interviews. Methods that will be about as effective as checking for acne or asking incoming travelers if they are hiding drugs in their suitcases without searching”. Dr. Bloom continues, “An asymptomatic, but infected person (…That means somebody who has Ebola but hasn’t shown signs yet…) will have a fever for maybe one day of the 21 day incubation period and taking an Advil ® will mask that.

In other words if you are asymptomatic taking your temperature is just about useless. They are not going to know if you Ebola or not. Then he says, “Even if a fever is detected, what are the chances that it is the result of Ebola rather than a cold or the flu or malaria all of which cause fevers. Taking temperatures at airports would prevent approximately ZERO infected people from entering the country.” This is what the New York Times said in the second sentence of its lead article admitting that this entire charade is being put on at your expense and is not going to protect us from Ebola infected people coming into the country from West Africa.

But that’s not the entire plan, the rest is even worse. They are planning on using passenger interviews. Now, here is a fine idea. Someone who arrives at JFK with a fever, will be asked various questions to determine their possible exposure in Africa. Talk about a disincentive to be honest. I’m in an air-conditioned cabin for maybe 30 minutes if I answer ‘No.’ If I answer ‘Yes’ then I’m in isolation for a few weeks with a bunch of other sick Africans.

Dr. Josh Bloom continues, “Forgive me if I am less than confident. But in the past few months, the CDC managed to stumble across an unsecured box of smallpox, which had apparently been sitting around for decades. They also managed to send out live anthrax, which was supposed to be dead, to research labs, resulting in dozens of scientists being exposed and thanks to the geniuses at the Secret Service the secure White House has been looking more like Pamplona during the time of the running of the Bulls and this is only scratching the surface.”

And overnight we have a new Ebola case. But this is because the worker was in a hurry and did not follow the proper protocol for taking off the contamination suits. Not a person to person contact which shows how dangerous the disease is, if the correct precautions are not followed and indicates why it is spread so fast in West Africa where they do not have the extensive equipment that we have.

reassurred yet

Just had to folks, it is funny, though the subject matter isn’t and the politics of it has become shameful.


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