Now ISIS has them

I always get people who throw out information that is not relevant to the conversations. For this one we were discussing Common Core and I got this response: “How about putting up a chart on Conservative approach to spending on DEFENSE AND THE MILITARY, it will be much, much worse… who do you think you are kidding… And show the amounts too, Billions for education and TRILLIONS for Iraq and Afghanistan; all for what …THERE NO WMD’S IN THESE TWO COUNTRIES, IT HAS BEEN VERIFIED… What we have is FEARS and these fears are getting REAL EXPENSIVE….

So wrong and lopsided thinking, so I thought I would spend some time to show the following:


I’m sure even George Washington had to worry about the military budget. We had no formal government at the time so I am sure other people handled the monetary affairs of the new country.  But when someone interjects these concepts into the conversation, I generally tend to ignore them now. It is obvious, they are just having a knee jerk reaction, and spitting out what they have been conditioned to say.


Mandatory spending is Medicaid 22%, Social Security is 21% and other is 13% which is 56% of the total spending and almost three times the Defense spending. The sad part is that the Medicare administration admits to $95 billion a year in waste and fraud. That is enough to fund another war!


So the percentage of military spending has continued to go down.

And how about those WMD’s.

The analysis from The Times draws on interviews with American soldiers and previously unreleased government documents to show that the U.S. government has been aware that chemical weapons, intact or partially damaged and then repurposed, have been circulating in Iraq — and harming soldiers — since 2003. The newspaper confirmed U.S. soldiers had come across mustard shells at Muthanna in 2008, and said three Times journalists saw old chemical stocks there in 2013.

Therefore, despite the prior 8 years of Clinton cutting back the CIA and NSA budgets, the U.N. and the US had it right Sadam Hussein had chemical weapons that they took from storehouses and buried along side road posts to get later.  In another failure of the Iraqis (after Obama quickly removed troops), they never cleaned up those sites. Now ISIS has access to them.






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