Why people like Seinfeld reruns


The CDC has been shown to be as incompetent as any other government agency because they said you can’t get Ebola except by the exchanging of body fluids and if your are a healthcare worker you have to wear this protective mask and gloves, and gown and you’ll be fine. Except now two nurses wearing all that stuff have Ebola at the Dallas hospital where the Liberian man Duncan died last week.  So now the CDC is saying she broke protocol but they don’t know how- yet.

The Centers for Disease Confusion are taking a lot of heat, but the Democrats are now pushing back-blaming Republican budget cuts for the problem. This is wonderful news, it is so ludicrous that budget cuts are to blame for not having enough money. First of all, they have enough money. With a $29 billion budget there is enough to do a lot of stuff, but let’s assume for a moment that the budgets didn’t go up in this $525 million cut the Democrats are talking about in their idiotic ads – this was a cut in the overall increase that they had. So the increase didn’t increases as much as they thought it should so it’s a cut, even though the absolute numbers of gone up.

So this is the same organization that studied the alcohol consumption of Shanghai prostitutes. This is the same organization that spent a bunch of money studying obesity problems in American lesbians. For them to say this is not enough money for Ebola is a laugh line. Of course it is possible that more money might have resulted in a vaccine, though there is no guarantee that additional funding would have been dedicated to Ebola, since, prior to this outbreak, the disease ranked lower than many others in terms of public concern. Nor does money mean a cure. We still don’t have an AIDS vaccine despite billions in research dollars.

On the other hand, the NIH has managed to find $1.5 million to study why lesbians have a tendency to be overweight, while gay men do not. There was also nearly $1 million for a study on the sex life of fruit flies, which revealed the shocking news that male fruit flies are sexually attracted to younger female fruit flies. Then there was $688,000 spent to determine why people like Seinfeld reruns. It is even possible that the $355,000 spent on studies of how fast husbands and wives calm down after a fight might have been better used for that elusive Ebola vaccine.

But why prioritize when you can demand more money?

There is a bigger issue here than simply the usual election-year demagoguery or the government’s insatiable desire for more money. It’s not even a question of waste and mismanagement, although there has clearly been plenty of both. Rather, we should understand that the further government gets away from its core functions, like protecting the health and safety of the American people, the less effectively it can carry out those core functions. A government that tries to do everything ends up doing nothing very well.

The Democratic Congressional campaign committee, “Republicans voted to cut CDC’s budget to fight Ebola.” There was no separate budget item to fight Ebola in the first place. The CDC budget has not been cut and if it went down it was in the Obama administration. In fact the reduction in what is called the pandemic preparedness fund through the global health program, which is what is supposed to attack the Ebola and any other epidemics. The pandemic preparedness fund went to a total of $50 million which is a decrease of 31% below the previous year. Where did I get the numbers- from the budget requested by the president. And last I checked he was not a Republic. The global health program itself went from 1.3 billion to 7.3 million during Bush’s ‘s term. The budget today is $8.1 million, so is it down? Is it cut, of course not. The increase is not as much as the CDC would’ve liked because they got a lot of the prostitutes and other health problems around the world they to study.

ebola virus

Hilarious Rodham Clinton said, “Too often our healthcare debates are clouded by ideology rather than illuminated by data.” And it is your ideology clouding the picture.

How do you Fundamentally Change America: You interfere as a result of outright incompetence with the ability of the government to “provide for the common welfare.”


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