Honig’s Birdies Panties Shop


The San Francisco Giants are playing the Kansas City Royals for this year’s World Series pennant. Peregrine Honig, a very big Royals fan, designs what she calls boy shorts for the World Series and it says on the back (on the bun side) is a crown and underneath it says “Take the Crown – KC.” The ‘K’ is the ‘k’ in “take” and the ‘C’” is the first part of ‘Crown.’ And they are combined somewhat like the Royals logo.

Peregrine has a shop outside of Kansas City and it is called “Honig’s Birdies Panties Shop.”  So the other day she is getting ready to sell them, she designed them herself and had them printed up in KC by Lindquist press and a couple guys come in and she asked one of the men what size he needed. She says they showed he a badge and told her they were from Homeland Security and she was violating copyright laws. Homeland security is now enforcing copyright laws?   The officers said the by connecting the K and the C, it made it look like the Kansas City Royals logo and you couldn’t do it because it wasn’t officially sanctioned and so they confiscated the underwear. Put it in a Homeland Security bag, it had Homeland Security on the outside of this evidence bag, and had the woman who owns the panty store in Kansas City sign a statement that she would not use the logo.

This is what homeland security is doing?


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