Loser of the week


College ID is no longer accepted. – Democrats insisted on allowing non-residents (read illegal aliens) to attend Texas Colleges at in-state tuition rates. And that is the reason college ID’s cannot be accepted, we would not be able to tell which college student was a legal or illegal resident.

Citizenship certificate – That is provided by the US government upon successful completion of a Naturalization process. Any person who has done that has already paid for it and has it after they were sworn in as a US Citizen, so they can vote.

Birth certificate – everybody who has been born in a hospital, clinic, or emergency vehicle has one. Even those children who are dropped off after birth by a mother not wanting the child (at a fire station or unfortunately found in trash cans) has one created for them by Child Protective Services. A duplicate may be purchased if needed- I haven’t had a need for one in I don’t know how many years and have no idea where my current one is so I don’t think it would be much of a problem. Most people already have ID based upon that document by the time they leave high school.

Concealed Carry Permit – For most Texans, the license will cost $140. But for senior citizens or indigent Texans, the cost is only $70. If you pass this then you are a citizen who is not a convicted felon. It looks a lot like a Texas Drivers license. In addition, if stopped by a police officer you have to show both the CCP and your driver’s license.

Now then how do you figure they got the total amount of 608,470 thousand Texans would not be able to vote? They also have determined that this number is made up exclusively of Hispanics and Afro-Americans in the rural counties of Texas.   Somehow, the liberals always have to bring up the ‘race card.’

What is wrong with their thinking here? Granted there are some counties that you can drive for hours before reaching any form of civilization. There is even one county in which no persons live in it, it is 180,000 acres of ranchland and the 250 or so ranch hands live in the neighboring county, even though there is no town or city in that county, just parts of several large ranches. The rural areas of Texas are pretty much set in their ways and they just about know everything about everyone for hundreds of miles around. And if there are any illegal immigrants in those areas already, they know who and with what farms they are already working for.

So this random number of 608,470 Texans (a misnomer, as you would have to be a citizen of the US first in order to be a legal resident of Texas) would be those who are living, more likely than not, in one of the major metropolitan area and specifically in those cities that are known as ‘sanctuary cities.’ LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) and La Raza (a radical left organization: http://humanevents.com/2006/04/07/emexclusive-emthe-truth-about-la-raza/ ) both of which have support facilities, people and shelter for any illegal aliens in that area.

If you are a legal Hispanic, Asian, African, European, Middle Eastern or any of the Afro-Americans living in any of the major or minor metropolitan areas can easily call their local Republican or Democratic party headquarters and they will be happy to help them get whatever ID they need to become a legalized voter in the next election.


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