Iran and Obama continues


Does Obama really think that the American public will not know what he is doing- or do they just feel they have enough power to avoid American opinion. Obama has agreed to give aid to the Sunni tribesmen only through the government of Iraqi- will not give direct aid to the Sunni tribes. Only recently he has decided to give direct aid to the Kurds because they were the only group fighting and needed ammunition and more weapons. He was going through the Iraq government for that, and nothing has ever showed up for the Sunni tribesmen to use and nothing had showed up for the Kurds because the Iraqi government is riddled with graft and everybody gets a cut before anything happens.

The president knows all this and the New York Times doesn’t print this kind of stuff which is inherently critical of the president’s program unless the president has said okay print it. He wants to keep up the fiction that there is some kind of government in Baghdad and that we have to go through that government for anything that goes on their land. There is a very big reason I believe that Barack Obama has taken the side of the Baghdad government he hated when he was in the Senate and running for president, he could not wait to get out of there, but he is taking their side because they are allied with Iran. He wants that nuclear deal with Iran as the cornerstone of his new foreign policy.

If only you talk nice, if only you give in from the beginning, people will treat you with more respect and you will come out a winner – there will be no war when people see how reasonable you are. That has been the delusional thought patterns of Democrats since Vietnam. He is now playing it out in a way no other president has dare to do. We are going to make nice with our enemies and punish our friends, we are going to ignore threats and aggression and atrocities committed by our enemies.

Monday December 1, 2014 was the deadline for a deal with Iran after a second extension. There is no deal. The Iranian Foreign Minister has been yelling across the table in negotiations with John Kerry denouncing the West. The Iranians feel that the US government will never drop sanctions against them, and yet, in the meantime, Barack Obama has de-confirmed that by giving them $700 million a year when he lowered sanctions two years ago. The American position has been Iran cannot become a nuclear-armed power; it would be to destabilizing to place that power in the hands of individuals who prove themselves crazy continually.  The ayatollahs always think it is the end of the world and they want to usher in Armageddon. And they want to exterminate Israel and kill all the people.

Nobody will disagree that crazy people shouldn’t have guns. You have to define the Iranians as crazy because they have a belief system that would lead to a nuclear war because we know Israel has nuclear weapons. The most volatile segment of the world, which is the Middle East, and the American efforts by the State Department and Defense Department at trying to contain the Iranians by sanctions by reducing their economic ability to buy the centrifuges, and the balance they have to keep in mind to subsidize gasoline for the rest of it for their people. So the sanctions have hurt, they simply have not been able to do what they wanted to do in the timetable that they wanted by now.

Now, I said under Obama it’s a different way to pursue this containment, sanctions all that negative stuff it’s just not how he intends to work so he offers to sit down anywhere, anytime and talk about resolving our differences. Remember he is a community organizer, he gets people together to talk about problems and then delegates someone else to finish up.

This approach has led to a situation unparalleled in American diplomatic history, in anybody’s memory, and that is a Secretary of State of the United States of America sitting across the table from a negotiating partner in a serious diplomatic negotiation and having the diplomatic partner, the Iranian Foreign Minister, yelling at him. Not just talking to him but yelling at him, bringing up miscellaneous charges, talking about the evil of the West, and the evil of the great Satan, talking about the end of the world is coming, and other crazy stuff.

This is how far Obama was willing to go and he still did not get a deal. First of all, we will pay you $700 million a month out of the frozen assets you have, upfront to show our goodwill, you do not have to give up a thing. $700 million a month if you agree to our deal, to any deal, to any piece of paper you want we will release all the sanctions and you get tens of billions of dollars immediately.

By the way we wanted a 20 year deal, to try to lock in the fact that you will not become a nuclear power within 20 years.   We got down to ten, they wanted seven, then three and so they threw that portion out. There is no sunset clause in agreement.

How about the enrichment? The last administration and this one have said you can’t enrich anymore uranium.   You have a lot now, you can’t run any centrifuges, you have got plenty of uranium for the peaceful nuclear power you say you want. You cannot be enriching anymore uranium, because that looks like you’re getting ready to ramp up rapidly, build a bomb and fire it off before we can get our bureaucracies moving.

What did Obama say on that? You Iranians can go ahead with the centrifuges, you do not have to dismantle them and you can run some of them if you only go up to 20% enrichment instead of 90% enrichment. 90% is what is needed for an atomic bomb. You only need 4% to 5% in your nuclear power plant though. Not only have they gone forward on the other atomic-based bomb, but they are working on a fusion based plutonium bomb. They have a heavy water reactor buried deep in the side of a rock mountain in Iran that produces plutonium – the H-bomb.   But the Iranians won’t even talk about that’s all off the table. Obama said ok.

How about the UN Security Council resolutions, the latest one is number 1929, requiring Iran to cease all activity on ballistic missile technology which would be the delivery system for this atomic weapon. The Iranian Foreign Minister laughed at White House negotiators when they suggested Iran should meet the UN Security Council resolutions and halt their ballistic technology. He laughed and they went on to another topic- how about a verification scheme. Of course we have to have verification that they are following all these watered-down demands we are making and the Iranians that sure- we will have inspections like Saddam Hussein had for his WMD’s.

Even with all of that stupidity, Kerry was prepared to say yes. He was prepared to say yes and the Iranians finally just walked out laughing. They don’t need an agreement. They can go ahead and keep getting the $700 million a month, centrifuges are all running, they are ramping up to whatever enrichment level they want to, produce whatever plutonium they want to, sanctions are not being enforced, they are control of the situation. Obama has already given up everything that he had as leverage and it produced nothing in return.

And evidently no reason to do so. That’s where we are with Iran, they will have a nuclear weapon and they will fire it at Israel. Israel knows this and they are now saying that we took attacking Iran off the table some months ago at the behest of the Obama administration, it is now back on- Israel will plan to attack with or without the US. It should be, otherwise they are going to be incinerated.

Now Obama wants to give them another 10-month extension to do another one sided talking or yelling or what have you.  At this point all an extension does is leave open the possibility this administration will make additional concessions to an Iranian regime that has not agreed to abandon its nuclear weapons program. Everyday these negotiations got on is another day this administration fails to address Iran’s role as lead state sponsor of terrorism, with an abysmal human rights record and no interest in a strong, stable Iraq. Instead of giving Iran more flexibility, we should be holding this regime accountable for the threat it poses to the region and our allies.

The least we could do is not support an Iraqi regime that is in effect an ally of Iran. The least we could do is not bomb the opposition to the dictator in Syria who is also an Iranian ally. If we bomb any of the rebels we are in effect helping Syria and Iraq which is helping the Iranians because we are helping their allies, the Baghdad government Assad in Syria.

Are we a de facto ally of Iran? The Saudis want to know, I definitely want to know. This is just incompetence.


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