Todays Loser


It is generally most of us. Forget for a moment that he has been (according to white House visitor logbook) to that place some 80 times the past year. Forget that he apparently has $4.5 million dollars in unpaid taxes ( Of course, it seems rampant in this administration: Three dozen aides working under US President Barack Obama — the same president who insisted on tougher taxes for the economic elite during Tuesday’s State of the Union — are guilty of forgetting to give the government their due share in taxes. Thirty-six members of the staff are delinquent with their federal taxes, Investor’s Business Daily reports. In all, the sum totals to a whopping $833,970. And the IRS itself, you know, the ones that can take everything you own without a trial, More than 1,000 workers who didn’t pay their taxes received not only cash bonuses but also 10,582 hours in extra time off, valued at $250,000. Of those, 69 also got raises, paid for by American taxes. )

Forget for a moment that if a major corporation inadvertently do, say, write, make a commercial or anything that Al Sharpton considers to be “racist”, they have to meet with him, kiss his ring and pay a penitence of X amount of dollars to one of the liberal non-profits he chooses. Forget all that!

Al Sharpton has always looked weird to me, generally due to his hairstyles. Look him up on Bing (don’t use Google please, they have violated your privacy -and been sued for it- far more often than Bing has been suspected).

But when you take a closer look- well you decide where he fits in.


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