Obama-blinded by the light

I always thought a politician’s ideology was to help them expound upon their ideas to the rest of the electorate. Unfortunately, it has since become like horse blinders making them blind to anything but an expansion of their own ideas- that may be flawed.

horse blinder

Obama has announced a blow against the oil and gas industry, against the only part of this economy that is actually working.  He has taken credit for the increase in this industry, even though the oil and gas drilling has produced this wonderful, unexpected cornucopia of energy, that has been produced in states, that are red states, free enterprise states, private property states where he cannot stop the drilling. He has so far and will continue to stop the pipeline (https://larrythecontrarian.wordpress.com/2014/05/04/why-obama-wont-ok-keystone/) and now he has to go after the whole the whole industry, which is what he is proposing to use the Environment Protection Agency.

He has tried using the EPA the Sand Dune lizard, the Lesser Prairie chicken and lost both times, (https://larrythecontrarian.wordpress.com/2012/01/22/seeing-through-the-epa/) so you can’t call him a quitter.

He is proposing that methane emissions from oil and gas production, all phases of production, be reduced by 45% from levels recorded in 2012 by 2025 –just 13 years. Now methane, which is a gas byproduct of drilling, accounts for about, according to the New York Times, 9% of the greenhouse gases emitted-they call it pollution. It is more potent than carbon dioxide, so small amounts of it can have a big impact on global warming, even though we now know, that there is at least one study that says there is an explanation for the fact were not warming the last 15 years, certainly not as much as the weather models would’ve had us believe.  The National Resources Defense Counsel, always vigilant to tear down the oil industry, David Doniger says, “This is the biggest opportunity to curb or permanently change pollution laws they haven’t already seized.” It is a little confusing.

Methane is a valuable commodity. It’s a part of the petroleum that they’re hoping to capture, part of the natural gas that they’re hoping to capture. Methane becomes fertilizer, it becomes chemicals, it becomes a lot of things. Methane is a product not pollution. Now unfortunately, some of it escapes in the process of drilling, much of it is also captured for our benefit. In fact, this escape of methane has been reduced quite a bit. It took until 2012, but the push is now on to recapture all the methane. The way the Obama administration is going about it by EPA regulation is redundant, costly and unnecessary.

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