Obama two stepping

Amendment number 73 to the Keystone pipeline approval bill of the United States Senate is going to be voted on Tuesday the 27th. It was introduced by Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas.


This amendment would “delist” the Lesser Prairie Chicken as a threatened species under the endangered species act. After years of Harry Reid not allowing the Senators to amend anything, they are going crazy on the Keystone pipeline bill.   Reid turned the Senate into a rubber stamp for Obama with virtually no participation, communication, transparency and interactivity among them. Reid ran the place and you did what he wanted or you didn’t do anything.


Let us take a brief note of where the pipeline will cross the Ogallal aquifer. Up near the top of Wyoming. Now remember oil floats on water-and I do not see any giant sea animals that would agitate the aquifer. If it were to have a pipeline break and flood oil into the aquifer, only a small portion would be affected. The rest of the aquifer is DOWNHILL from where the pipeline (with all of the incredible expensive backup systems built into it that is not in the some 19,000 miles of pipeline, that are over 40 years old, already crossing the aquifer. Oh and by the way the vast amount of oil be extracted in west Texas and eastern New Mexico is being done by fracking UNDER the aquifer which just north of Lubbock is only about 10 feet below the surface of the land.

Now McConnell comes in and says no we are going to restore the old Senate, you know where we had debates, amendments, discussions and we went through various committees and we, the Senate, actual read the bills that were sent to the floor to be voted on. You know the whole democracy thing that we had a war with Brittan over and which made us the greatest nation on earth until Harry Reid put in the s**t can to it.  So now, the result is that the Senators have been wanting to make all kinds of amendments on virtually any bill for years. So amendment 73 to ‘delist’ the Lesser Prairie Chicken as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.


This is actually a very big deal in Kansas, west Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico all kinds of places where they hunt the Lesser Prairie Chicken any weekend (it is open season on them all year long). In this area all kinds of people have been bedeviled by the fact, that somehow or other the Lesser Prairie Chicken has to be taken care of before you can build anything for the Lesser Human Beings in the area .


While that is playing out the United States Senate, the president with his magic wand is at it again, but this time is going to have to get congressional approval. He wants to declare of the 19,000,000 million acres of the Arctic national wildlife refuge in Alaska (known as Anwar), 12,000,000 million acres as wilderness.


Notice that the vast majority of oil wells and the pipeline run well to the west of the preserve.

Wilderness is pretty much 99% of the state.  There is human activity in Anwar, including by Native Americans as well as other about 600,000 others and the state is what four times the size of Texas?


If you’re going to create a wilderness area, this designation forbids drilling for oil and construction of any roads. So this would take 12,000,000 million acres out of a potential oil production in the state of Alaska. Now Jimmy Carter was the last one to try to attack Alaska, in 1980 signing a law creating this refuge in the first place. It tried to keep the oil companies are coming in there and getting what was estimated to be billions of barrels of oil. This would go farther by designating 12,000,000 of those 19,000,000 acres as wilderness in really banning construction of anything in that area.

Now Obama has to go to Congress and they are not going to approve it. However, he is consistently paying off the radical environmentalist on the left. In fact, he has now voiced a video talking about the need to protect and Anwar with scenes of the Arctic animals and wildlife, landscapes and so forth and his voiceover and is sitting there in person in the field. So, the video was prepared now as a propaganda supplement to his magic wand, trying to protect the caribou and other animals. He called them the polar bears instead of polar bear, which he is trying to preserve. So the curious thing about making this video was he was on board Air Force One, which I think, carries about 53,000 gallons jet fuel that he was burning while he was flying to India. He was making a video discussing the protection of Alaska for the purpose of stopping global warming. If you don’t get the irony in all of that amazing.

The people of Alaska will tell you that the deliberate choking off the trans-Alaska pipeline is reducing the payments to the Alaska n people. Alaska was very smart, they said okay, to come across our state land with these pipelines then we need a royalty. Then the State of Alaska cut a check to everybody living in Alaska. At the peak of this it was seven or eight thousand dollars. Now it is only about $1,500 to $2,000 because of the falling amount of oil. In fact, the trans-Alaska pipeline doesn’t get enough oil in the next couple years the oil will freeze.

But here’s the interesting political side of the story, while Obama is attacking Alaska economically and really telling them that he will make sure they do not cut any more checks to their residents. The Alaska’s Republicans will have to be held accountable to the voters and he may be able to turn the state red by forcing poverty on them. In the mean time, he is putting together a five-year plan to drill off the coast of America in the Atlantic.


Now then, North Carolina and Virginia he wants to make these states permanently Democrat. I, Obama will be the guy who allows these states to drill for oil off their shores. Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia (McAuliffe has declined to go into detail on his stance on many of his own views on energy and environmental policy, sticking to broad outlines. McAuliffe believes human activity has contributed to global warming, and characterizes clean energy as a national security issue. He supports reducing dependence on foreign oil through investment in technologies such as carbon capture and storage, solar farms, and offshore wind turbines ) told Obama said look I can go forward with this drilling to create revenues to the state, to create jobs and keep Democrats in power. So where Democrats can be kept in power there is going to be oil drilled. Where the Republicans are in power, we will use the EPA and other things to cut them off oil dependence.

What about his fabled environmental stance. He is not as ideologically opposed to it as these crazy environmentalists are and is basically appealing to that point of view that in 2016 we need to get Democrats elected. Money from drilling is more important than the wackos.






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