The death of King Abdullah

Sorry, I don’t have many feelings for this once camel jockey who by the goodness of American car drivers, now can sit on solid gold toilets.   They have an archaic monarchy, they don’t allow women to walk down the street without a male relative present, they have a ski slope inside a mall, they are a little bit of what the excesses of money with a camel mentality can build.

The reality is they have about 25% of the world’s oil, but 85% of the pump able reserve oil in the world. Our foreign policy with the monarchy does not rest on shared cultural relationships, institutions, political thought, language, religion, etc.   It is a naked self-interest.   We need their oil, they need our promise we will keep the monarchy in power and they won’t be overrun by ‘crazies’ even though Suadi Arabia is the one who has funded the ‘crazies.’.

The media has missed the big story. Iran is creating the new caliphate, not ISIS who only has territory about the size of Connecticut between Syria and Iraq. That is not what is really important. What’s happening is that Iran is successfully putting together a new Persian Empire. We need to go back in time a bit, the immediate headlines that you have seen this is that Yemen has fallen apart. The government that we were supporting has resigned. A small local tribe of Shiites from the north of Yemen and very much a distinct minority, most of the Yemenis are Sunnis.


They have in effect thrown the government out (even though the government only controlled just the capital are). The Shia’s all of a sudden show up with all this weaponry and trained soldiers all because they are agents of Iran, the Shiite tribe has been bought by Iran. They have a new slogan by the way, and the State Department today was reaching out to them to see if they can put together a government that we continue to allow the Americans to drone strike the Al Qaeda in Yemen which is a Sunni group. Of course, this is where we are sending the Gitmo detainees before they go back to the battlefields. So the Shia for the moment have taken over the capital city and the government and they are agents of Iran.


So now their slogan, and you need to ask yourself, are these the kind of people we can work with on some diplomatic level to see if we can continue to strike at Al Qaeda, because they don’t like Al Qaeda either. The Shia slogan “God is great, death to America, death to Israel”. Obviously, we have a firm basis of negotiation and the common interest.

We should care about this group, because we have depended on the Yemeni government to help us fight Al Qaeda. Second, because the coup represents another building block in the Iranian Shiite Persian Empire that is being reestablished.  Keep in mind where Yemen is- south of Iran and controlling entrance to the Red Sea. West of Iran is Iraq, and Iran pretty much controls the government and we are there fighting against Isis to support the Iranian puppet government in Baghdad. We are now allies of the Iranians. Syria, likewise there the dictator is an ally of Iran. Syria is riddled with all that Civil War stuff with a bunch of different groups including Isis. The Syrians have brought in Hezbollah from southern Lebanon to help fight against Isis and we are in there somewhere, advising someone with our troops.

In effect, what Iran has done, is they have proceeded West in their empire building to control Iraq, Syria and part of Lebanon.   Syria is up in the air due to the civil war, Iraq’s up in the air because Isis is between the two fighting, against the Iranian puppets and United States. So even with the civil war going on, nonetheless Iran is trying to consolidate a new empire.

It isn’t just the Israelis who are concerned. It isn’t just the Israelis who are alarmed because of course Iran is pressing ahead with missiles and atomic nuclear weapons. It isn’t just Israel that’s concerned about Iran’s ambitions. It is of course the Saudi’s. They are Sunni and the Iranians are Shia and never the twain shall meet. Now they are in a big of war because Saudis have been trying to support the rebellion against Bashar alAssad in Syria because he was a puppet. They are unhappy the Americans left Iraq because the Americans had a kind of a multicultural deal put together between the Sunnis and Shia and Kurds keeping that together so Iraq didn’t become an Iranian ally.

So now the Saudis are looking around and saying were getting encircled by Iran. Now they are fighting back and they are fighting back with what they have. The fighting back, they have $900 billion dollars in reserves, say they are lowering the price of oil below what they need. The reason we paid $130 a barrel for oil barrel was for Iran to survive all of it’s these ambitions. The Russians need hundred dollar a barrel to survive and the Russians are important because they are financing and arming the Iranians and Hezbollah and alAssad .   The Russians are playing the big game here of supporting the local upcoming bully and what’s the price in all this?   25% of the world’s oil, 85% of the world’s excess capacity of immediately deliverable oil.

Can you imagine if Iran, within a couple of years of the victories they have had, consolidate their position in Iraq, defeats Isis with the Americans helping, keeps alAssad in power, which Obama has now almost formally admitted will continue to happen, has Hezbollah helping and Yemen consolidated into another Iranian allied. If between that pincer movement the Saudis fall , Iran will be the next world power. The next superpower will not be China, the next superpower will be new Persian Empire.


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