US taxpayers to pay in case of India Chernobyl

Let us travel to India and the soggy parade of camels and their cavalry, arm swinging troops, cultural dancers, marching bands, motorcycle stunt men and apparently Obama’s BFF, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


We should have good relations with India, but what happened there was a little bit striking. Modi’s aim here was to get the American taxpayer to subsidize the expansion of the Indian nuclear industry.  This is how it all came about. America has the technology for advanced nuclear power to generate electricity. We don’t use it in our country because we are advanced beyond that point, we have all these environmentalists around to direct our Congress in the proper way to go, so we have wind power (I’m not talking about the Senate) and solar farms.   You know it is a new world ‘they’ are creating for us, even though we are the leaders in the world in nuclear technology.

We will not build those plants in the U.S. but if India wants to and create jobs in India that is fine as long as we don’t call it nuclear. India wants to buy American technology to build nuclear power plants for electricity. Apparently 300,000,000 people in India don’t have a regular supply of electricity. 300,000,000 that is a little less than the entire population of the U.S.


Modi made his pitch and he said look you can’t just sell the stuff to us because you just never know what might happen. Look at Japan. So you have to give us some kind of liability insurance in effect, you’re going to have to accept some responsibility for us building your design in our country. We of course, will build it to your specifications (Wink, Wink).


The Indians will have about 2000 employees working in the nuclear power plant which only needs about 623 to run it. It happens everywhere in India- worse than in the U.S. construction jobs- you know ten people standing around watching another ten people do the labor. The White House has now agreed to provide an insurance pool that would reduce liability in the case India has a nuclear accident of some kind using American technology from the United States.

The United States taxpayer is being asked by our president, to stand behind and insure, in effect, nuclear power plants that that same president will not allow to be built in the United States. Barack Hussein Obama, with a straight face, admitted in India that nuclear power will not cause CO2 and therefore global warming. Because the environmentalists are opposed to nuclear power also, we will not build this most pristine (in terms of global warming) of electricity sources. So the U.S. and India are doing a nuclear juggling act and the environmentalists are fit to be tied.





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