CNN poll proves their point

On Tuesday February 16 the Democrats in the Senate have concluded that the Obama media will successfully convince Americans that it is the Republicans fault that the Department Of Homeland Security does not get funded and it is the threat of ISIS or ISIL or whatever they want to call it now hangs over our heads. So every single Democrat member of the Senate states they simply will not vote for the $39.7 billion budget for the Department which has to be done by February 28. They will not vote for it because it includes a line in it that not one red cent (is that racially insensitive) can be used to implement the illegal, unlawful, unconstitutional, dictatorial decree on immigration.

The Democrats (as usual) are being led astray in the United States Senate by a CNN poll that shows 53% of Americans would blame the Republicans in Congress if the Department of Homeland Security shut down, 30% would blame Barack Obama, and 13% say both deserve the blame.

NOTICE the problem with the poll.


It does not include the Senate Democrats as one of the possible reasons for the lack of funding. They are the ones holding it up, not Obama, nor the Republicans. Six or seven Democrat senators who know full well that in their reelection campaigns, Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin and the others- LIED to your constituents to get reelected. Hopefully at you next election, you will be removed because at a moment in time when you could have stopped this illegal amnesty and defunded it, you voted with Harry Reid and you voted a lie. You are what is wrong with American politics today.


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