Thursday the Federal Communications Commission FCC voteed to regulate the Internet. The Internet will die as a place of free market rules, free competition and the last place in this economy where capitalism drives the need for it and jobs are created by it. The chairperson Tom Wheeler of the FCC is approved a 332 page Internet regulation plan which he previously did not release or allow ANY discussion of. He has three Democrats voting for it, two Republicans on the FCC voting against it. He is using a law passed in 1932 to regulate telephones, as the basis for his reasoning (that is really high tech). We all know what that law did. For decades it inhibited competition, drove up the prices and stifled innovation until the deregulation of the 1980s. Government control of the only FREE source of free speech is what the liberal left has fought for years. They now have it. That is how you radically transform America. Control the flow of speech. What they did to ObamaCare will now happen to ObamaNet. There is a 100% chance you will be paying higher rates (aka taxes) for your ISP provider.


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