Debbie the Schultz


Debbie Wasserman (err Wasserperson, uh Wasserfemale, no that won’t work Wassersomething or other) Schultz. She is the feminist who is the head of the Democratic National Committee with whom Obama can’t stand.  (I reported on this already )   Obama doesn’t like her and wanted her to be replaced in 2014. I don’t know if it is because she is Jewish – would not be fair to draw a distinction between his Israeli policy and her. But her wanted her out – no longer to be head of the DNC. Now it comes out from Fox News that Schultz, sensing that Obama was considering replacing her in 2013 started to line up supporters (who have now openly talked about it) to suggest that the president was anti-woman and anti-Semitic. Guess what, she did not get replaced. She successfully bluffed Obama out of replacing her. Obama is a now negotiating with Iran (see ). He got knocked on his arse by the head of his own party.


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